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Dentists Feuerlandhöfe

"Maximum instrument protection with minimal effort - we can't imagine being without Careclave anymore!"

To meet the highest quality standards, we work in a group practice with 19 employees and 8 treatment rooms. Each of us has different areas of expertise, ensuring that our patients receive optimal care in every area of dentistry. Thanks to modern technical equipment and high-quality instruments, safer, gentler, and ultimately more promising treatments are possible.

To ensure this level of treatment quality in the long term, we have relied on Careclave since 2019.

Instrument protection with Careclave

Each of our treatment rooms is equipped with handpiece sets from W&H and NSK. To avoid expensive investments in additional instruments, we rely on structured processes, short reprocessing cycles, and reliable functioning of the transmission instruments.

After the treatment, the contaminated instruments are transported to the reprocessing room (AEMP) in a closed container. Our sterile goods assistant then loads the Carebox with up to 8 handpieces or turbines. The innovative dosing system ensures precise reprocessing for each instrument, even if unnecessary adapters are left free in the Carebox.

We particularly like the loading concept: The Carebox is simply attached to the door of the Careclave for cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance. If we need to sterilize additional instruments in the same cycle, we place them on the short trays in the back of the chamber.

After just 18 minutes, our handpieces and turbines are cleaned, disinfected, and maintained - the foundation for a long instrument lifespan. Expensive repairs of handpiece heads are not a concern for us either. Every Friday, we oil the instrument heads according to the manufacturer's specifications. Using a nozzle integrated into the door, the chucks are maintained with a fully synthetic oil. Careclave documents the reprocessing and maintenance with all relevant process parameters for seamless traceability.

If the instruments are needed immediately for the next treatment, our sterile goods assistant places the Carebox lid into the cooling box after reprocessing. This reduces the cooling process for the semi-critical handpieces and turbines to 4 minutes.

Over a year with Careclave, over a year without worries about instrument reprocessing

The combination of a modern autoclave with a reprocessing and maintenance device for handpieces not only saves time and space in the reprocessing room but also ensures the protection of our patients and instruments. The mechanical cleaning and disinfection, as well as systematic maintenance, guarantee reliable functioning and long-term preservation of our instruments.

Social media often reports high costs for repairs of inadequately maintained handpieces and turbines. Fortunately, in the many months of intensive use of our instruments in conjunction with Careclave, we have not experienced a single maintenance-related instrument failure.

Just as much as we rely on our instruments, we also rely on MELAG's new device concept: Careclave impresses in our daily work with time-saving features in excellent MELAG quality.