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MELAtherm Product World 2024

Our washer-disinfectors.
For cleaning and disinfection.

Take your workflow with our MELAtherm Series to a new level: The automated cleaning and disinfection not only increase occupational safety, but also efficiency in instrument reprocessing.

Unsure about your choice? You can find our thermal disinfector product finder here!

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MELAtherm 10 Evolution

Future-oriented innovations like from another star: The new MELAtherm 10 Evolution convinces with highest performance and comfort.

LP MELAtherm Product

MELAtherm 10

With active drying, space-saving process media intake and integrated documentation. And best of all: all this at no extra charge!

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Baskets & Adapters

Perfection in every detail: With over 80 accessory items, we create a loading pattern - that fits you.

MELAtherm Accessories


Best cleaning results with minimum consumption: This is what our process agents for MELAtherm offer.

Regenerating Salt

Regeneration salt

Your washer-disinfector will like this: Specially granulated and highly purified regenerating salt for refilling in the MELAtherm.

MELAdem Further Accessories

Further Accessories

As versatile as you: Find the right accessories for you. And for your MELAG washer disinfector.

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Struggling to choose the right washer-disinfector?

With our product finder, you can find the right washer-disinfector for your practice in a flash.

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What is a washer-disinfector?

A washer disinfector is used for the automated cleaning and disinfection of instruments. The reliable monitoring and documentation of the relevant process parameters ensures reproducible decontamination procedures.

The automated metering of the liquid process agents consisting of cleaning agent, neutralizer and rinse aid optimizes the cleaning and drying outcome. The instrument disinfection is, however, accomplished by hot water over a prescribed period.

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Program overview

Process of Cleaning and Disinfection

For optimal reprocessing results, a washer-disinfector goes through four process steps:

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