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Premium-Class Evolution

  • High loading capacities

    for up to 9 kg instruments on 8 trays

  • Double Jacket Technology

    for sterilization in record time

  • Patented DRYtelligence

    for optimum drying results with any load

  • Extra large Smart-Touch Display

    for intuitive operation by the clinic team

Fast has never been this fast before.

The Evolution Series is faster than ever before. And so are you: Sterilize at double speed in just 8 min. with the Quick Program thanks to the patented Double Jacket Technology.

Premium Class Evolution

Autoclaves without double jacket

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In short: Large loading volumes in record time.

You want to rely on perfect sterilization and drying results every time? Then you'll love the unique double jacket chamber concept and the algorithm-controlled drying. These patented innovations enable time-saving sterilization of outstanding 9 kg of instruments on 8 trays or in 4 MELAstore Boxes.

What does that mean in concrete terms? More efficiency. More flexibility. More time for your patients. Because additional sterilization cycles can be avoided.

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A magic operation: As simple as your smartphone.

With the extra-large Smart-Touch Display, everything is simply easier - from program selection to documentation. In addition, the integrated documentation and approval software ProControl allows for complete reproducibility and safety. All users can be assigned to an individual PIN for secure traceability of the batch approval. The documentation and approval process is authenticated fast and securely on the display.

This means for you: No more costs and effort. Because you can say goodbye to extra software or traditional paperwork.

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For diversity in sterilization.

Maximum flexibility for different requirements: To meet the individual needs in practices and clinics, the Premium Class Evolution is available in four versions. They differ in the type of vacuum generation, water supply and chamber depth. Discover the whole range of the Evolution Series and the solution that suits you best.

The premium quick autoclave: The powerful 18 liter autoclave Vacuklav 40 B+ Evolution convinces with highest reliability thanks to its fixed water connection.

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Used Products
  • MELAtherm 10 DTA
  • MELAseal Pro
  • Vacuklav 44 B+ Evolution

Wroclaw, Poland

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Unident Union Dental Spa
Studio Dentistico Dr. Cesare Paris
Zhuhai Stomatological Hospital
Unident Union Dental Spa

"With the aligned devices of the MELAG System Solution, our patients and the entire team are perfectly protected."


As versatile as you are.

Find the right accessories for you. And for your Vacuklav. With our accessories, we turn your ideas of an optimal sterilization process into reality.

Makes your autoclave shine: With chamber cleaning set, you remove even dirt that is invisible to the eye, thus preventing stubborn discoloration and deposits in the chamber and on the trays.

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We love hygiene. Since 1951.

The MELAG quality promise.

Our 500 employees take care of every detail so that you don't have to. For over 70 years, we have been developing, producing and optimizing our solutions for instrument reprocessing far beyond industry standards.

Technical Data

Figures. Data. Facts.

Diversity in instrument reprocessing: The Evolution series with fixed water connection or as a stand-alone solution with sterilization chambers of different sizes offers absolute flexibility.



0 - 0 min

134 °C for 3,5 min


0 - 0 min

134 °C für 5,5 min


0 - 0 min

134 °C für 5,5 min


0 - 0 min

121 °C für 20,5 min

Operating times with minimum to maximum load plus drying: DRYtelligence automatically adjusts the drying process to the load for optimum results. Alternatively, time-controlled drying is available.


Device dimension (W x H x D)

46 x 50 (56 cm incl. display) x 55 cm

Device fits on

50 cm deep worktop

Chamber size

Ø 25 cm x 35 cm long / 18 liters

Device weight

55 kg

electrical and technical requirements

Order no.


Device type

Fixed water device

Power Supply

220 – 240V / 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption

3,400 Watts

Loading capacity

9 kg instruments / 2 kg textiles


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    Publication date: 18.10.2022

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