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Most sold products for instrument decontamination

The MELAG Best Sellers 2024

We offer you the world's best-selling product highlights for cleaning and disinfection, packaging, care, sterilization and documentation, perfectly tailored to your individual requirements in practices and clinics.



Time to care: Discover the countless highlights of our innovative 4-in-1 solution for the reprocessing and care of dental handpieces and for the sterilization of your other instruments.


Premium Class Evolution

A class of its own and for you: Sterilization of more instruments in less time? No problem with the Evolution Series!


Prime Line

The MELAG price-performance winners: The new autoclaves offer a price/performance ratio that stands up to any comparison.


Pro Line: Class B

You know the world's best-selling Pro-Class autoclaves? Then you will love the new MELAG device generation - from the functions to the price!


Vacuclave 105

With the fastest autoclave in the world, we are redefining the limits of speed: with the Vacuclave 105 you can sterilise your instruments on 2 trays in record time from 6.5 minutes (plus drying) - and in the smallest of spaces.


Vacuclave 550

Think BIG: The large small autoclave with 50 litres and trend-setting product highlights.

Cliniclave 45

Cliniclave 45 Series

For those who want more: The single or double-door large autoclave with up to 205 liters guarantees optimum sterilization processes for 1-2 STE or up to 70 kg loads.


MELAcontrol Pro

Reliable batch inspection for Class B steam sterilizers. Designed in accordance with international hygiene standards, this Helix test is used to inspect compliance with the highest requirements placed on the sterilization of hollow body instruments.

Chamber Protect

Chamber Protect

Reliable cleaning and long-term protection that leaves your autoclave shining: With Chamber Protect, you remove even soiling that is invisible to the eye.

MELAcontrol Type 5

MELAcontrol Type 5

Check sterilization conditions easily with our EN ISO 11140-1 Indicator. It turns over after 16.5 min at 121°C or 5.3 min at 134°C, and each box includes 250 single-use strips.

Teaserbild MELAtherm 10 Evolution

MELAtherm 10 Evolution

Future-oriented innovations like from another star: The new MELAG washer-disinfectors convinces with highest performance and comfort.

MELAtherm Accessories


Best cleaning results with minimum consumption: This is what our process agents for MELAtherm offer.

MELAcontrol Wash Check

MELAcontrol Wash Check

Cleaning and disinfection - safe and uncomplicated with our brand new MELAcontrol Wash Checks.

MELAstore System

MELAstore System

Packaging with system: Take your workflow to the next level with high-quality wash trays and sterilization containers.


MELAseal 200

The reinvention of the sealing device combines the advantages of a compact bar sealer with the documentation of a rotary sealer.


MELAseal 300

The compact rotary sealer with large Smart-Touch display not only fits into any reprocessing line, but also into any volume of instruments.



Tear-proof, wrinkle-free and convenient to open: Our packaging as roll or pouch is the perfect match for MELAG sealing devices!

MELAcontrol Seal Check Routine Prüfung Menu

MELAcontrol Seal Check

Performs a quick and easy functional checks of the sealing device. The indicator paper of the MELAcontrol Seal Check helps in the optical inspection of the seal seam and works quickly to reveal irregularities.

MELAtrace and MELAtrace Pro


Break the boundaries of traditional documentation: With MELAtrace for professional approval of instrument reprocessing.

MELAprint60 3

MELAprint 80

MELAprint 80 enables the printout of sterilization logs in paper form and the printout of barcode labels for marking the packaged instruments after approval on the Smart-Touch Display.



This compact scanner is used to read-in the barcodes on the MELAstore-Trays or the MELAstore-Boxes and automatically assign them to the load in MELAtrace. Additional, the barcodes of the MELAprint 60 and MELAprint 80 can be scanned and assigned to a patient file in the practice software.

MELAdoc Pen

MELAdoc Pen

Sterilisation-resistant fibre pen for permanent and heat-resistant manual labelling of wrapped instruments.

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