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The MELAG video tutorials

The Netflix of instrument decontamination: Benefit from our helpful video tutorials for all important questions regarding the use of our autoclaves, thermodisinfectors and sealing devices.

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Careclave Video Tutorials

Do you need help with the operation or loading of Careclave or are you wondering how chuck care works on the device? Then take a look at our useful Careclave video tutorials!

Autoklaven Tutorials

Autoclave Video Tutorials

Which programs must be selected and when? How are processes documented in the autoclave? We answer these and many more questions in our video tutorials for autoclaves!

RDG Tutorials

MELAtherm Video Tutorials

In the video tutorials for washer-disinfectors, you can get useful information on loading patterns by specialty, tips on instrument preparation or guidance on proper operation!

MELAseal Tutorials

MELAseal Video Tutorials

Do you have questions about the routine operation of a sealing device or do you want to know how to install and set up the sealing device in your practice? Here you will find the answers!

MELAtrace Tutorials

MELAtrace Video Tutorials

MELAtrace and MELAtrace Pro are software solutions for professional documentation and approval of the entire instrument decontamination. Learn in our tutorials how to use our intuitive software in a safe, uncomplicated and above all legally compliant way.

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