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Post-war period in Berlin. The company in which Alfred Gebauer and Kurt Thiede worked as managers lies in ruins, everything is destroyed and there is no chance that they will be employed. Then an opportunity arose for the two of them to find new employment in a small production plant for laboratory devices. But as the conflict between East and West intensified in the early fifties and since the employer was in the Soviet sector of Berlin, they decided to found what would now be called a start-up in West Berlin, more specifically in the French sector. So on 1 May 1951 the operation of the two founders Alfred Gebauer and Kurt Thiede started as Gebauer & Co. with two mechanics employed. The founders had the idea of focusing exclusively on hygiene in the medical and dental sector, and this focus has been continued by MELAG Medizintechnik to this day. Let us look at the remarkable development of this family company in the past 65 years.

  • 1951

    Start for more hygiene in the world

    Post-war period in destroyed Berlin: The goal was a company exclusively focused on hygiene in medical and dental practices. From this vision, the company Gebauer & Co. was founded on May 1, 1951.

  • 1952
    The beginning

    The beginning

    The production of the fi rst devices posed a challenge for the young company: Since the procurement of materials was extremely difficult at that time. Alfred Gebauer made a virtue of necessity. He bought aluminum lunch boxes, which were used as outer housings for the devices. The result was the first hot air sterilizer „Type C1“ from Gebauer & Co.

  • 1953
    Quality has a name

    Quality has a name

    The brand name MELAG was registered: MELAG is made up of the letters “MEdizin” (Medicine), “LAbor” (Laboratory) and “ Geräte” (Devices). Despite the onset of the Cold War and the looming division of Berlin, the name MELAG very quickly became a synonym for excellent quality and innovation.

  • 1954
    MELAG quality for autoclaves

    MELAG quality for autoclaves

    At that time, technological developments in the hospital sector were the drivers for requirements in medical and dental practices. MELAG recognized this early on and adapted the technologies of the large hospital autoclaves. With the „Type R“, MELAG succeeded in developing the first small autoclave with automatic venting - the first MELAG patent.

  • 1973
    The second generation

    The second generation

    After the son of the founder Alfred Gebauer had completed his education and gained operational experience from working in other companies, Dr. Steffen Gebauer joined the company. This set the course for continuing MELAG as an owner-managed family business in the long term.

  • 1995
    Fractionated pre-vacuum for more safety

    Fractionated pre-vacuum for more safety

    To ensure that even complex loads with hollow bodies or textiles can be sterilized in the practice sector, MELAG launched the innovative „Vacuklav 31“ autoclave with the revolutionary technology of fractionated pre-vacuum for the first time. This powerful autoclave provides highest reliability without cooling water due to the patented air-cooled vacuum system.

  • 2004
    Second generation managers of MELAG

    MELAG - Pioneer of fast instrument reprocessing

    MELAG shows how instrument reprocessing can be optimized further and further: With passion, innovation and attention to detail, MELAG succeeds in developing the new „Premium Class“ - an autoclave with the patented Double Chamber Technology. A groundbreaking innovation that impresses experts and customers with record operating times and the highest saturated steam quality.

  • 2010

    The new era - MELAG becomes a system provider

    After almost 10 years of intensive research and development, the distribution of the washer-disinfector „MELAtherm 10“ starts. This makes MELAG the first worldwide leading manufacturer with a system solution for instrument reprocessing: Autoclaves, washer-disinfectors, water treatment systems, sealing devices as well as software for documentation and approval.

  • 2015
    MELAG engineering „Made in  Germany“ is in demand worldwide

    MELAG engineering „Made in Germany“ is in demand worldwide

    MELAG arises to the world market leader in instrument reprocessing and sells its quality products in over 100 countries. Dentists, veterinary clinics, hospitals, podiatrists and many other medical facilities worldwide rely on MELAG when it comes to infection control.

  • 2019
    Customer focus since 3 generations

    Customer focus since 3 generations

    On January 1, 2019, the management board has been expanded by Dr. Niklas Gebauer and Sebastian Gebauer, the two sons of Dr. Steffen Gebauer and grandsons of founder Alfred Gebauer. This ensures that MELAG will continue as a 100% family business in the long term, even in the 3rd generation.

  • 2020

    Opening a foreign branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    MELAG continues its growth and opens an office with training center in Malaysia to be even closer to the customers in the growing Asian market.

  • 2021

    Careclave - Join the revolution

    9 years of intensive research and development and an investment of over 22 million has brought together, what belongs together: The new „Careclave“ combines cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization in just one device and thus revolutionizes reprocessing in dentistry.

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