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Instrument reprocessing in dentistry

System solution with Careclave for dental, OMFS and orthodontic clinics

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MELAG System Solution

For the highest standards in infection control

Dental offices and clinics have high requirements for infection control. They need reliable and safe instrument decontamination to ensure the best-possible level of protection for patients and clinic team alike, whilst ensuring efficient workflows, rapid instrument availability and saving resources.

With MELAG system solutions and the worldwide unique 4-in-1 solution Careclave, we offer you a fully coordinated process for instrument reprocessing:

Join the Revolution

Instrument reprocessing in dental offices, practices and clinics:

Economic thinking and efficient workflows in dental practices are becoming increasingly important. With our world innovation Careclave, we are revolutionising the process of instrument reprocessing and bringing together what belongs together! Careclave combines cleaning, disinfection, care, sterilisation, documentation and release in just one device, providing you with everything that optimises your daily routine: time, money and space.

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Success Stories

Customers from dental offices, practices and clinics

Our priority is your satisfaction: Dental, OMFS and orthodontic clinics throughout the world already benefit from the unique MELAG Quality – made in Germany. You can also count on the our solutions for instrument reprocessing in dentistry.

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  • Careclave 618
  • MELAprint 60
  • Cooling Box

Berlin, Germany

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"We follow the wishes of our patients to have a specialist in every area of our practice. For this reason, we trust in Careclave - the specialist in instrument reprocessing - since 2019."

As versatile as you are.

Find the right accessories for you. And for your Careclave. With our coordinated accessories, we turn your ideas of an optimal workflow into reality.

Carebox Blue makes for the safe reprocessing and reliable lubrication of up to 8 turbines and handpieces.

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