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Instrument reprocessing in ophthalmological practices and clinics

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The challenges.

In ophthalmological practices and clinics, reprocessing must be carried out with the utmost care. It is not only decontamination that plays a role here, but also maintaining the functionality and safety of the fragile, microsurgical instruments.

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Cleaning and disinfection with real benefits

The MELAtherm 10 series

In the highly specialised world of ophthalmology, careful and efficient reprocessing with an equally highly specialised thermal washer-disinfector is essential. MELAtherm is optimised for the special requirements of reprocessing cataract sets. This is because all instruments in the surgical set are inserted into the corresponding holders using the wash trays and adapted with tube extensions for reliable rinsing of the hollow body instruments.

The Ophthalmo programme enables the cleaning and disinfection of up to six cataract sets in just 42 minutes (plus drying). To ensure that no process media or other particles remain on the instruments, the final rinse is carried out without the addition of rinse aid and exclusively with demineralised water. After reprocessing in a washer-disinfector, the hollow instruments should be dried with compressed air. Blowing off can be carried out directly at the connection point of the injector rail on the MELAstore Tray Ophthalmology. The use of pH indicator paper helps to detect any media carryover in this process step.

A washer-disinfector and the use of correct reprocessing procedures are therefore crucial to ensure the functionality and longevity of fine ophthalmic instruments and to maximise patient safety.

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6 cataract sets in just 42 min

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The new MELAstore tray and container system for ophthalmology

Packaging with a system

Instrument reprocessing with the coordinated system of MELAstore Tray and MELAstore Box saves a lot of time and money: specially developed for ophthalmological practices and clinics, the MELAstore system enables an optimum instrument workflow from patient treatment to reprocessing and storage.

  • Save time and money: Packing and handling individual instruments is time-consuming. By safely compiling all the required instruments in a cataract set, you minimise the preparation and reprocessing times of your practice team.

  • Protect your instruments: The secure fixation with customisable silicone bars not only protects the practice team from puncture injuries, but also your highly sensitive instruments such as phaco needles from damage.

  • Protect the environment: By using containers, you reduce the use of single-use sterilisation packaging and therefore practice waste and material costs.

  • Optimise your workflow: Standardise your processes and increase the quality of treatments. With the MELAstore system, you always have everything you need for your cataract operations to hand

For an optimum hygiene workflow for your complex cataract sets, the MELAstore Tray Ophthalmology consists of an upper and a lower basket: The upper basket of the wash tray with flexibly positionable silicone bars is used to safely hold both rigid and articulated instruments. The lower basket is equipped with an injector rail and versatile connections to ensure reliable cleaning and disinfection of your hollow-body instruments.

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Bye bye waiting time. Hello sterilisation in record time.

The MELAG autoclaves for ophthalmology

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