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MELAG Device Registration

Thank you for choosing a quality product from our company. The purchase of a MELAG device does not only mean an easement of your daily work, but also the beginning of a hopefully long-lasting business relationship! After registering your device(s), we will be able to provide you with better and faster advice and support in case of questions.

You will also secure valuable extra benefits, which we will inform you about on a monthly basis. You will learn more about how you can best use your MELAG products in your practice and receive important updates on your devices or information about suitable accessories after device registration. This makes your everyday work even easier.

  • Faster help in case of service

    With our 24/7 service DNA, your practice never stands still!

  • Free device updates

    This keeps you and your devices up to date.

  • Matching accessories

    We offer the perfect upgrade for you and your devices.

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Careclave Registration

Find the installation and instruction log for the Careclave on our Careclave registration page. As a technician, you can also upload all your logs here after commissioning a Careclave. To do so, click on the following link and upload the documents easily by dragging and dropping them into the corresponding log fields.


Device Registration

After the final activation of your user account, you can log in to the MELAG website with your password and user name. Now you can register your device(s) via the following link or via your user account.