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Deep Dive: Demineralized Water

Water treatment units
for instrument reprocessing

Optimal value retention of the autoclave, the thermo washer disinfector and the instruments: Dive into our world of MELAdem water treatment systems.

MELAdem 40

MELAdem 40

The compact ion exchanger system is recommended for practice autoclaves with up to 3 sterilization cycles per day.

MELAdem 47

MELAdem 47

The powerful reverse osmosis system is recommended for connection to one or more autoclaves with increased sterilization requirements.

meladem53 neu

MELAdem 53

For the large demand of demineralized water, MELAdem 53 enables the ideal supply of your MELAtherm 10 and additional autoclaves.

MELAdem 53 C

MELAdem 53 C

High performance. Compact hight. Benefit from the performance of MELAdem 53 even with limited installation situations.

MELAdem 56

MELAdem 56

High-performance. Efficient. Ideal for Cliniclave. This reverse osmosis unit is ideal for water supply of our large steam sterilizers.

MELAjet Produktfoto


Easy-to-use, the spray pistol takes up demineralized water to perform through rinsing of the instruments following manual disinfection.

MELAtest 60

MELAtest 60

Protect instruments from bad water: The conductivity meter for manual checking of water quality.

Zubehör Wasser


As versatile as you: Find the suitable accessories for you. And for your water treatment.

Water treatment System Regneration

Requirements for demineralized water

A water treatment unit is connected to the water supply in the decontamination room. Tap water is subject to a reverse osmosis or ion exchange procedure to produce demineralized water.

Demineralized water, also called feed water or aqua dem, is required for the operation of a steam sterilizer. A washer disinfector can also be operated via a water treatment unit. Given strongly mineralized tap water, the final rinse with demineralized water prevents stain development or surface alteration of the instruments in practice and clinic. Water treatment systems provide the basis for maintaining the value of the autoclave, thermal disinfector and instruments.

The requirements placed on demineralized water are stipulated in the European Standard DIN EN 13060 Appendix C.

MELAdem Portfolio
Tailored to your needs

Variety of the MELAdem Series

MELAG water treatment units offer many advantages: They are an inexpensive, environmentally friendly and effective method of producing demineralized water. Discover the product details and choose the right solution for you:

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