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World of the Large Steam Sterilizers

Our large autoclaves
For large sterilization volume.

You need to reprocess large quantities of sterilized items efficiently and reliably? Our large autoclaves with an capacity of up to 200 litres meet every requirement in practices, clinics and hospitals.

Cliniclave 45

Cliniclave 45

Compact, fast, economical. The large autoclave with 105 liters for reprocessing a sterilization unit in the shortest possible time.

Cliniclave 45 M

Cliniclave 45 M

The M stands for Magnum: The large 200-liter autoclave sterilizes up to two STE or 70 kg load in record time.

Cliniclave 45 D

Cliniclave 45 D

Innovative device concept with pass-through: The double-door large autoclave with 110 litres meets the highest demands for infection control.

Cliniclave 45 MD

Cliniclave 45 MD

Make the impossible possible: The double-door large autoclave with 205 litres guarantees optimal sterilization processes for 2 STE or 70 kg load.


Vacuclave 550

Think BIG: The large small autoclave with 50 litres and trend-setting product highlights.

Großautoklaven Zubehör Produktfoto


As versatile as you: Find the right accessories for you. And for your MELAG large steam sterilizer.

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What is a large steam sterilizer?

International standards prescribe that large steam sterilizers have a minimum chamber volume of 60 litres or sufficient space for one or more sterilization units. A sterilization unit (STU) is a module with the dimensions 300 x 300 x 600 mm (h x w x d). The high capacity of these steam sterilizers is needed by a central sterile services department (CSSD), also called sterile processing department (SPD) or central supply department (CSD) as an integrated part of hospitals and other larg practices and clinics that performs reprocessing of medical devices, equipment and instruments.

C45 Accordion Modul Routine-Prüfung
Routine Testing

Trust is good. Control is better.

Based on international standards MELAG recommends the performance of routine checks to ensure the safe operation of a large steam sterilizer.

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