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Vacuclave 105

Big on the inside, small on the outside, special all round

With the fastest autoclave in the world, we are redefining the limits of speed: with the Vacuclave 105, you can sterilise your instruments on 2 trays in record time from 6.5 minutes (plus drying) - and in the smallest of spaces. The powerhouse with its 5-litre chamber is a compact class B autoclave that achieves great things: Ideal as an addition to your practice autoclave for quick sterilisations between treatments or as a stand-alone device for smaller quantities of instruments.


Vacuclave 305

Speed has never been so fast: from sterilisation to drying and release.

Vacuclave 305 speeds up your workflow with record cycle times from 6.5 minutes (plus drying) and intelligent technologies for perfect drying results and seamless batch traceability. The Vacuclave 305 was developed at MELAG in Berlin down to the smallest detail for high performance. With a chamber size of 5 litres and a device width of just 30 cm, the world's fastest autoclave fits into any reprocessing line: either as a supplement to your conventional autoclave for lightning-fast sterilisation between treatments or as a stand-alone device for smaller instrument volumes.


MELAquick 12 Series

The ideal complement: The quick autoclave sterilizes up to 12 handpieces in just 7 minutes.


MELAtronic Series

More than basic: The compact Class S autoclave impresses with its fractionated flow procedure.


Vacuklav 24 BL+

Space miracle with 60 cm deep chamber: Vacuklav 24 BL+ is particularly suitable for the sterilization of extra-long instruments.

Frau mit Autoklav

What is an autoclave?

Sterilization achieves the inactivation of all pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores): In medical practices, the use of an autoclave with saturated steam is recommended for this purpose. The terms autoclave and steam sterilizer are often used interchangeably. Steam sterilizers are defined as gas-tight sealable pressure vessels for the thermal reprocessing. The temperature of the saturated steam in combination with the holding time and pressure ensures the sterilisation of medical instruments, textiles and other medical devices.

Fast has never been this fast.

Ahead of the times: In all programs. With record cycle times, Vacuclave 105 & 305 enable 6x faster workflows than conventional autoclaves.

Cycle times Vacuclave 105 / 305

Cycle time of common practice autoclaves

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With a chamber volume of 5 litres, the stand-alone class B autoclave offers you enough space for the safe sterilisation of up to 2 kg of instruments on 2 trays.

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Small but mighty

Accessories for the Vacuclave 105 and Vacuclave 305

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