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Join the Revolution: Careclave for the reprocessing of handpieces


The revolution of instrument reprocessing

The standard compliant and gentle reprocessing of dental handpieces often poses a challenge in terms of time and money. But that will now come to an end: Nine years of intensive research and development have brought together what belongs together. Careclave combines the entire reprocessing workflow in only one device in order to provide the highest level of safety and efficiency:

1. Cleaning & disinfection
Careclave guarantees the best cleaning and disinfection outcomes for the reprocessing of up to 8 transmission instruments, prophylaxis handpieces or ultrasonic scaler tips in only 16 minutes.

2. Lubrication
Careclave takes care of your handpieces and turbines at lightning speed. And that is not all: The unique ADDcare station even performs the lubrication of the chuck system directly at Careclave after the end of a program.

3. Sterilization (class B)
With the patented DRYtelligence and double jacket technology, Careclave provides everything you expect from a modern Class B autoclave – and even more: Sterilize up to 11 kg loads on up to 8 trays or in 4 MELAstore Boxes in record time. The revolutionary chamber concept also enables the reprocessing and care of instruments in the Carebox as well as the simultaneous sterilization of additional instruments on short trays in just one cycle.

4. Documentation & approval
Perform the documentation process directly on the large Smart-Touch Display without any extra software solution. ProControl ensures digital proof of a successful reprocessing procedure quickly, safely and paper-free. For complete traceability, the log files are saved on the MELAG USB stick or in your network.


Arrange a Live Demo

As flexible as your needs: Together, we customize Careclave to your individual requirements. Arrange your free consultation appointment via online Live Demo or on-site at your practice and clinic.


Carebox Blue for the safe reprocessing and reliable lubrication of up to 8 turbines and handpieces.

Carebox Blue

for the reprocessing and lubrication of transmission instruments. Align the Carebox Blue to your handpieces and turbines using up to 8 adapters.
Carebox Green for the safe reprocessing of up to 8 prophylaxis handpieces and ultrasonic scaler tips with torque wrenches

Carebox Green

for the reprocessing of hollow body instruments which do not require oiling. Configure the Carebox Green with up to 8 adapters for ultrasonic scaler tips and prophylaxis handpieces.
Careclave Cooling Box for a fast cooling process of the instruments:

Cooling Box

Use instruments right on the patient: Cooling Box guarantees cooled instruments in only 4 minutes after their reprocessing in the Carebox.
MELAG Care Oil for optimal lubrication of chuck system and instruments

MELAG Care Oil

The fully-synthetic MELAG Care Oil is not only economical in its consumption, but also guarantees the best-possible lubrication.
MELAG quality inspection - safe and reliable instrument reprocessing with Careclave


Why use 4 products for instrument reprocessing when you can do everything with one single device? Careclave saves time, money and space in comparison to conventional device combinations from day one in your dental practice and clinic:

​✓ Protecting instruments, reducing service costs: Thanks to the patented iDos dosing process, the required amount of oil is supplied to each instrument with pinpoint accuracy. This makes Careclave not only economical in consumption, but also guarantees optimum care for reliable functioning and a long life span of your instruments.

✓ Lower operating costs: Careclave is not only more affordable to purchase, but also saves you extra maintenance and validation outlay associated with having further devices.

✓ 45 % more space in your decontamination room: Your team knows workspace in the decontamination room is precious: Removing the need for an additional lubrication device, Careclave allows you to have significantly more space for safe instrument reprocessing.

✓ Revolutionary device concept: Besides the efficient decontamination and lubrication of up to 200 dental hollow instruments per day, Careclave is characterized above all by the time- and cost-saving possibility of reprocessing instruments in the Carebox and sterilizing further instruments in the rear part of the chamber simultaneously in one cycle. Careclave complies with both the standard for washer-disinfectors (DIN EN ISO 15883) and for autoclaves (DIN EN 13060).



Reprocess up to 8 transmission instruments in a Carebox as quickly as possible.


Benefit from cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization in one cycle.

Long trays

Simply sterilize up to 11 kg of instruments on 8 trays or 4 MELAstore Boxes with Careclave.


Thank you for your interest in Careclave. Contact the MELAG area manager responsible for your region to clarify individual questions and to arrange a consultation now via online Live Demo or on-site at your practice or clinic.

Arrange a Live Demo


Myth 1: „Careclave is more expensive than comparable device combinations?“

Wrong: Careclave combines a reprocessing and lubrication device with a modern autoclave. Device combinations of comparable quality are already up to 1,000 € more expensive to buy! This system has proven itself. Every second new practice already relies on Careclave!

Myth 2: “But two devices are safer than one?“

Wrong: The lubrication devices currently on the market do not sterilize. So if the autoclave fails, then even a care device can not compensate for this failure. 1 device, 2 systems and numerous independent components ensure that your customers can continue to use other reprocessing functions even in the unlikely event of a malfunction.

Myth 3: „Maintenance & validation costs too much!“

That doesn‘t have to be the case: Because fewer devices in the decontamination room cause fewer running costs. Our 4-in-1 solution is not only cheaper to purchase, but also reduces the costs for maintenance and validations by about 6,000 € within 11 years.

Myth 4: „My dental handpieces need to be constantly repaired!“

That doesn‘t have to be the case: Insufficient chuck care in manual and mechanical reprocessing is the most common reason for failures and expensive repairs of the transfer instruments. Thanks to the documented chuck care as well as the systematic cleaning and oiling, instruments with Careclave remain in excellent condition even in the long term.

Myth 5: „We have no place in the processing room?“

That doesn‘t have to be the case: We want to solve problems from practice for practice. With Careclave we provide your customers with the right solution for the space problem on the worktop. Because with the device concept for cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization, customers have up to 45% more space for the safe reprocessing of their instruments. They can do without an extra lubrication device.

Careclave im Aufbereitungsraum
The faces behind Careclave
Spannzangenpflege der Winkelstücke am Careclave
Instrumenten-Aufbereitung mit Careclave
Beladung Careclave mit Carebox und Tabletts
Carebox mit Winkelstücken, Turbinen und ZEG-Spitzen
Carebox-Connect Technologie
Autoklav-Modus Careclave
Pflegeöl für Ölung von Winkelstücken
MELAG Systemlösung mit Careclave
Dental practice Lipp & Lutz
We follow the wishes of our patients to have a specialist in every area of our practice. For this reason, we trust in Careclave - the specialist in instrument reprocessing - since 2019.
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