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MELAG Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Geneststraße 6 -10
10829 Berlin
T +49 30 75 79 11-0
F +49 30 75 79 11-99


MELAG. We introduce ourselves.

Quality and innovation - the factors behind the success of a family company

We are an owner-managed family company and have been focusing consistently on products for practice hygiene since we were founded in 1951. This concentration means that for us as a medium-sized company it is possible to further develop our brands with a team of highly qualified, specialist engineers at a top international level.

Today, we are by far the largest manufacturer of practice sterilizers and thermal disinfectors to manufacture exclusively these products. We are convinced that the consistent specialisation is an important condition for the high quality of our product range. You, our customers, justifiably demand optimal products, quality and reliability from us. Through the consistent realisation of our guiding principles competence in hygiene and quality - made in Germany, we guarantee that we will meet these requirements.

It is our aim to make an important contribution so you are successful in your daily work in the field of instrument decontamination and hygiene.

The management and the entire MELAG team

Made in Germany

With our 450 employees we concentrate on the sustainable production of high-quality products for hygiene purposes at our 25.000 m² Berlin premises.

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Berlin in 1951. The war was still not long over and the city lay in ruins. There was little infrastructure, few building facilities, food, doctors and hospital were scarce commodities.

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Pioneering new concepts and ground-breaking innovation has enabled MELAG to provide top quality for over 60 years.

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