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Autoclaves for Podiatry, Veterinary & General Medicine

Reliable and long lasting:
The MELAtronic Series.

MELAtronic autoclaves are robust, durable and compact. Especially in general practices, podiatry and veterinary medicine, the cost-saving steam sterilizers convince with coordinated product advantages.

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MELAtronic 15 EN+

Practice-optimized for use in medical practices and clinics with low instrument volume: The compact steam sterilizer with fractionated flow procedure and active drying ensures safe sterilization and drying results.

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MELAtronic 23 EN

Standard autoclave with 19 liter and fractionated flow procedure: The microprocessor control enables reliable sterilization results and easy operation through fully automatic program control.

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MELAtronic 23

Especially for veterinary medicine with high quality and durability: Thanks to the electronic monitoring system of the program procedure, the sterilizer provides reliable results.

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The advantages of MELAtronic 15 EN+

MELAtronic 15 EN+ fulfils the high requirements placed on Class S procedures established in international standards. The sterilizer uses a fractionated flow procedure. The alteration of steam injection and pressure release evacuates the air from the sterilization chamber and the hollow body articles amongst the sterilization material. MELAtronic 15 EN+ is also fitted with active drying and a fully-automatic program run via the microprocessor control. This equipment guarantees a maximum of process reliability and reproducibility of the sterilization parameters.

MELAtronic Series

Solutions for general medicine, podiatry and veterinary medicine

Sterilize instruments cost-effectively and efficiently: With their reliable technology, the MELAtronic autoclaves have been on the market for many years and have proven themselves many times - and that especially in the fields of podiatry and veterinary medicine.

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