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Sterile Instrument Packaging in Practices and Clinics

Packaging of Instruments and sterilized equipment storage

MELAG provides aligned solutions for individual practice requirements for the packaging and storage of instruments. The wide range of products of the MELAstore system, the MELAG sterilization containers and our MELAfol transparent sterilization packaging, guarantee optimum reliability and flexibility in instrument decontamination. Our aligned test equipment increase safety even further. Use the MELAG Seal Check seal seam stability test and MELAink test to check the seal seams of the transparent sterilization packaging.

Find out about the advantages of MELAG sterilized equipment storage products:

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Sterilized equipment storage:

Sterile medical devices must be stored in dry, dark and cool rooms which are easy to clean. The rooms must not be accessible to everyday activity. We recommend the installation of additional dust protection in the cupboard doors and drawers. Loss of sterility is dependent less on the length of the storage time as from external influences during storage, as well as transport and handling.

The packaging of instruments is the basis for storage and protects the sterile instruments against re-contamination.
Our video tutorial will show you how to properly seal instruments in a film packaging:

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Wash trays and sterilization containers of the MELAstore system

The ideal combination for safe instrument decontamination and time savings

Instrument decontamination with the aligned system consisting of MELAstore-Tray and MELAstore-Box saves time and money. As part of the MELAG system solution, MELAstore represents the ideal sterile storage solution - especially for surgical and oral surgical clinics and practices - with which to realize an optimized workflow. MELAstore covers all process steps reliably from the application to instrument decontamination and storage.

Placed in MELAstore-Trays, the instruments are first cleaned and disinfected in the washer disinfector. After automatic decontamination, the MELAstore-Trays are removed from the washing chamber of the washer disinfector and placed in the correct MELAstore-Box. This represents the end of the packaging process. The flexibly-arrangeable silicone bar in the MELAG wash trays provides a secure anchor for the instruments through the entire decontamination process. This protects the practice team against puncture wounds and the instruments against damage.

Loading washer-disinfector with MELAstore-Trays


The MELAstore-Box can be placed in a mount for sterilization or directly in the sterilization chamber of the steam sterilizer. The stacking feet of the sterilization container guarantee reliable steam penetration. Removed after sterilization, the MELAstore-Box can be labelled and stored. The disposable paper filters or permanent filters in the lid of a MELAstore-Box ensure germ-proof instrument storage.

After decontamination, all instruments required for treatment are available as a sterile and aligned set. MELAstore improves reproducibility and process quality through standardization. Benefit from the advantages conferred by the MELAstore system in instrument decontamination:

1. Protect the environment: Sterilization containers reduce material costs and the level of practice waste. No additional sterilization packaging is required.

2. Improve staff protection: The secure storage of your instruments in wash trays provides protection against injury to the practice team and damage to your instruments.

3. Optimize your processes: With its pre-determined loading patterns, MELAstore improves the level of standardization and optimizes quality management.

4. Save time and money: Above all, MELAstore raises the instrument decontamination workflow to a new level. The use of the MELAstore system enables you to effect a considerable reduction in the workload of your practice or clinic. Consider the cost of sterilization film and the working hours associated with sealing. An investment in the system consisting of MELAstore-Tray and MELAstore-Box amortizes after only a year.

Find out about the advantages of the MELAstore system in direct comparison. The following video compares the decontamination process of 36 individual instruments compared to the same number of instruments in three MELAstore-Trays.

single instruments vs. instruments sets in wash-trays
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In MELAG, we have found a strong and reliable partner to help implement the highest hygiene standards, providing the best protection for patients and staff alike.
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We rely on the integrated MELAG system solution because patient safety starts with sterile instruments and first-rate hygiene standards.
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The Cliniclave saves time and money.
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