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Packaging in practices & clinics

Our packaging solutions.
For safe sterile storage.

You are looking for solutions for the safe packaging and storage of your instruments? Then immerse yourself in the world of packaging and discover our products tailored to your your packaging process!

MELAstore System

MELAstore System

Packaging with system: Take your workflow to the next level with high-quality wash trays and sterilization containers.


Sterilization containers

Protected storage. Reduction of practice waste. No puncturing of instruments. Our sterilization containers offer many advantages.



Tear-proof, wrinkle-free and convenient to open: Our packaging as roll or pouch is the perfect match for MELAG sealing devices!


Sterilization Paper

Not for paper planes: But for easy packaging, sterilisation and ideal sterile storage of instrument trays.

Zubehör Packaging


As versatile as you: Find the right accessories for you. And for the storage of your sterile goods.

Frau mit Autoklav

Requirements for the storage of sterile goods

Secure packaging of instruments is the basis for protecting sterile goods from re-contamination: Sterile medical devices must be stored in dry, dark and cool rooms which are easy to clean. The rooms must not be accessible to everyday activity. We recommend the installation of additional dust protection in the cupboard doors and drawers. Loss of sterility is dependent less on the length of the storage time as from external influences during storage, as well as transport and handling.

Wash trays and sterilization containers

Your duo for more efficiency in instrument reprocessing

Instrument decontamination with the aligned system consisting of MELAstore Tray and MELAstore Box saves time and money. As part of the MELAG system solution, MELAstore represents the ideal sterile storage solution - especially for surgical and oral surgical clinics and practices - with which to realize an optimized workflow. MELAstore covers all process steps reliably from the application to instrument decontamination and storage.

MELAstore Wash Trays

Placed in MELAstore Trays, the instruments are first cleaned and disinfected in the washer disinfector and afterwards placed in the corresponding MELAstore Box. This already represents the end of the packaging process. The flexibly-arrangeable silicone bars in the MELAG wash trays provide a secure anchor for the instruments through the entire decontamination process and protects them agaist damage and the practice team against puncture wounds.

MELAstore Tray LP

MELAstore sterilization container

The MELAstore Box can be placed in a mount for sterilization or directly in the sterilization chamber of the autoclave. The stacking feet of the sterilization container guarantee reliable steam penetration. Removed after sterilization, the MELAstore Box can be labelled and stored. The disposable paper filters or permanent filters in the lid ensure germ-proof instrument storage.

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MELAstore and MELAtherm
MELAstore Wash Tray System

Combining becomes profiting

MELAstore offers surgical and oral surgery practices and clinics in particular the ideal solution for an optimized workflow. This is because MELAstore safely and reliably covers all process steps from application to reprocessing and storage of the instruments.

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