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Rotary Sealer MELAseal Pro

MELAseal Pro

Validating rotary sealing device

Sealing of sterilized packages is more reliable because the MELAseal Pro is validated without restriction by EN ISO 11607-2. With each sealing procedure, the sealing temperature, the contact pressure and the throughput speed are monitored. The data acquired can be printed or archived electronically. The high throughput speed of 8 m/min ensures rapid work in the practice with continuous turnaround of sterilized items.

In the case of heavier cassettes or longer instruments, the work is made easier, with the help of the optional workbenches. The roll dispenser, with an integrated cutting device, can be mounted on the wall or placed on the worktop.

Sterilization package addition for MELAseal Pro
Workbench for MELAseal Pro with device
Workbench for MELAseal Pro
Video view product highlights MELAseal Pro
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