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Made in Germany. Made for You.

With more than 60 years of experience in the development and production of sterilizers and disinfection devices in the field of practice and clinic hygiene, MELAG Medizintechnik stands for innovation, sustainability, the highest quality and durability of products. We consistently focus on our core competencies and produce exclusively in Germany. With more than 450 employees, we develop products for medical and dental practices, medical care centres and clinics in Berlin over an area of 25,000 m². In the past year, we have invested 30 % of our turnover in research and development of new, innovative technologies and staff training. We currently employ a total of 160 engineers and computer scientists in the fields of technical development and IT so we will continue to be able to offer our customers the best solutions for instrument decontamination in the future.

With our production location in Germany, we also highlight our standards of quality and the fact that we provide jobs. We have specifically rejected the outsourcing of production to low-wage countries that is so often seen. We have also always resisted attempts to expand our delivery program to include the purchase of products which are not part of our core competency - practice hygiene. Today, we are by far the largest manufacturer of practice sterilizers and thermal disinfectors to manufacture exclusively these products. We are convinced that this consistent specialisation is an important condition for the high quality of our products.

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with MELAG products, each device is subjected to a two-day endurance and stress test including factory testing and validation. Deviations or irregularities are documented by the automatic IT system immediately and the devices are subjected to a further full test. Of course these detailed tests with various different loads take a lot of time and energy, but the high level of satisfaction among customers is our most significant motivation and the basis for our innovative leadership around the world.

The intrinsic value, sustainability and reliability of our products is supported by a global optimised service from qualified technicians. Each year, we invest large amounts in the training of our specialist dealers, distribution and service partners in our MELAG academy and on site. The highest quality in the field of aftersales care is an important component of the continuous, trouble-free use of our system solutions in practices and clinics.

There is no lack of international competition. More than 100 companies around the world with similar product ranges want to sell their products in the hygiene market of this world. But our global success is daily evidence of the fact that our durable, high quality products with innovative operation are successful at prices in line with market rate. We hold fast to our vision of using devices for the entire practice workflow from steam sterilizers, thermal disinfectors and water treatment units to products for the storage of sterile goods and documentation of this to make our customers’ work safer and more efficient. It is our aim to protect patients and practice teams to an even greater extent against infections through our daily work. We do not make any compromises and we guarantee the best quality “made in Germany”.

We have been delivering our high quality products to customers outside of Germany since 1956. The high level of reliability and the many years of useful life are highly valued around the world. We now export MELAG sterilizers to more than 80 countries.

System Solutions

Dr Semira Zeni Dental Practice
Neustadt an der Aisch
Functionality and hygiene are important for patient wellbeing.
Practice team Dental Clinic Maryan Melychuk
Dental Clinic Maryan Melychuk
Thanks to MELAG, sterilization room in our clinic is perfect! And most importantly, our patients are guaranteed top level safety. Thank you, MELAG!
Dental assistant operates Cliniclave
Dental Clinic Strunz
Entrusting our instrument decontamination to experts: two table-top sterilizers and a Cliniclave from MELAG.
Dental assistance team Avanto Prestige Dental Clinic
Avanto Prestige Dental Clinic
Our staff love MELAG products for their simplicity of use, efficient performance and reliability. We are also thankful for their consultation support, finding the best concept for our clinics.
Jehsert and Kadow Dental Practice
MELAtrace allows safe and easy documentation of the instrument decontamination in compliance with international standards.
Practice team Susanne Josch
Family Dental Practice Susanne Josch
New practice - safe processing of instruments
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