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Perfectly organized sterilization room, Kitakoshigaya Dental Clinic


The Kitakoshigaya Clinic near Tokyo has designed their new sterilization room in order to provide highest standards of instrument decontamination for their patients. A big thank you to Iiyama Dental Clinic, Kitakoshigaya Dental Clinic and GC Corp. for the realization of this project. The team of the Iiyama Dental Clinic and Kitakoshigaya Clinic have the strongest focus on high quality dental care, patients satisfaction and highest level of instrument decontamination.

A spacious sterilization room with clear separation of the unclean and clean side allows a perfect workflow for proper instrument decontamination and protection from re-contamination - MELAtherm washer-disinfector with much space for instruments and easy to use; Vacuklav 31 B+ provides the highest level of sterilzation assurance; Instrument packing with MELAseal, quick hand-piece sterilization with MELAquick 12+.

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