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For the future of our blue planet

Taking responsibility, acting sustainably: This is the vision of Mission Possible - our sustainability strategy for more environmental protection in instrument reprocessing!

Because for the future of our blue planet, the three P's products, processes and production are the focus of our actions!

Our commitment in these areas was recognised for the first time in 2022 by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics with the seal of approval for assured sustainability in accordance with procedural regulation D-22/400879 and following ISO 26000.

Join us on the Mission Possible into a green future: because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make your everyday practice even more environmentally conscious.


Sustainability through innovation: Thanks to forward-looking technologies, durable quality and environmentally friendly packaging materials, we offer the cleanest solution - for your budget and the environment!


Save paper, protect the environment: With paperless user documentation and digital signatures, we save 7 tonnes of paper, 105 kg of toner ink and 50 kg of plastic waste from toner cartridges per year.


Sustainability right from the start: We already rely on resource-saving approaches in research, development and production. In addition to the use of water recooling systems, electric forklifts and LED lighting, we will raise the bar for sustainable production even higher in the future with solar modules on our roofs.


As a family-owned company, we take responsibility for future generations. For this reason, we at MELAG have been increasingly focusing on environmental protection for years. And with success! Learn more about our projects and measures:

Online live demos:
In order to reduce business trips and the associated CO2 emissions, we have set up live demo rooms at MELAG in Berlin with state-of-the-art equipment for online consultation meetings. Our sales team thus solves many questions about our product and accessories portfolio via video consultation. This creates flexibility and promotes environmental protection at the same time. Curious? Then book your individual online live demo now!

Future-oriented product highlights:
Our innovative technologies save electricity, water and thus a lot of money in everyday practice with every cycle: The patented heat recovery named Recovery increases energy efficiency by recycling the used steam to generate new steam. The highly efficient Coolify air cooling system does not consume a single drop of cooling water. The patented DRYtelligence intelligent drying system adapts the drying process individually to your load. This shortens the drying time and saves important resources at the same time.

Sustainable packaging material:
For the packaging of our products, we switched from a foam to a paper cushioning system in 2021, which is biodegradable. This means that the shipping box with the packaging material can be disposed of as single-material packaging in the waste paper. The waste paper is then fed into the recycling loop.

Water recooling system and relectric forklift:
Through our modern water recooling system, we achieve a water saving of 3,000 m³ per year. In addition, we have had electric forklifts in operation since October 2019. The electric drives achieve a CO2 saving of up to 7 tonnes per year. We would like to further expand our investments in e-mobility in the future and sustainably convert our vehicle fleet.

Solar modules:
We are in the planning stages for the installation of solar modules on the roofs of our company headquarters in Berlin. As a result, we will install over 600 solar modules with 270 kWp in the future, thus saving fossil fuels and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Paperless documentation:
In 2020, we launched the "Paperless Documentation" project and decided to make all user documents available as digital PDF files in our newly developed download centre. This enables us to make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and resources. Because in a single year we save over 1.4 million sheets of paper (approx. 7 tonnes per year), 105 kg of toner ink and 50 kg of plastic waste from toner cartridges.

Avoiding paper as much as possible:
The development of medical products involves a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork. To save not only time but also paper, we have been using digital signatures since 2021. With the help of the digital signature, documents are released without paper. We also consistently rely on digitalisation for many other documents - for example, invoices and salary slips for our employees.

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