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Smart Dental Clinic Team Smart Dental Clinic

"MELAG plays a key role in supporting our daily working routine. The system solution provides excellent protection of our staff and patients alike and enables efficient workflows in our clinic."

Smart Dental Clinic is a highly qualified dental clinic with 18 well-educated dental professionals in Romania, Cluj-Napoca. The dental clinic is specialized in a variety of dental
services such as oral surgery, endodontics, dental aesthetics as well as in orthodontics and treatments of general dentistry. Through exceptional service and modern technology, ideal conditions for a first-class treatment are provided.

Reliable working routines by using the MELAG System Solution

Health is our most precious asset. That is why we focus on proper instrument decontamination. When designing our decontamination room we wanted to use latest technology for the best-possible efficiency and safety. We chose the MELAG System Solution in order to implement a fully aligned and integrated reprocessing workflow from one manufacturer. With MELAtherm 10 Evolution, MELAseal Pro and Vacuklav 44 B+ Evolution,
we reliably cover all process steps.

Especially, the MELAG washer-disinfector plays a vital role in workflow optimization. The automated cleaning and disinfection of instruments not only saves considerable time and money, but also reduces the risk of puncture wounds compared to manual procedures. With an active drying, space-saving process agent intake and integrated documentation interfaces, MELAtherm 10 Evolution meets all of our requirements and ensures highest hygiene standards. Questions about correct working procedures are easily answered by the video tutorials on the large colour-touch display.

We really like the universal use of our steam sterilizer Vacuklav 44 B+ Evolution. High speed cycle times and large capacities for all loading patterns, even with our containers, make the autoclave an ideal solution for the sterilization of large quantities of surgical instruments.

With the MELAG System Solution we support patient care

Infection control is more important than ever. Even in times of COVID-19 our patients can rely on our hygiene measures. For the safety of our patients and team, we deploy the MELAG System Solution. The aligned operating concept gives our team confidence in instrument
decontamination. We are very pleased to have MELAG as our hygiene partner by our side.