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MELAseal Video Tutorials

The video tutorials will help you to familiarise yourself with the use of your sealing machine.

Tutorial #1

Installation and Set-up

The MELAseal 200 combines reliability with ease of use. The MELAseal 200 tutorial demonstrates how to commission the sealing device in practice and clinic.

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Tutorial #2

Sealing Temperature and Eco Mode

The sealing device must be adjusted to the sterilization package in order to produce reliable seal seams. The MELAseal 200 tutorial demonstrates how to set up the sealing device to the required sealing temperature.

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Tutorial #3

Date and Time

The correct date and time must be set on the sealing device to ensure traceable documentation of the packaging process. The MELAseal 200 tutorial shows how to perform the desired settings on your sealing device.

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Tutorial #4

Documentation and User Administration

The integrated documentation of the MELAG sealing device ensures maximum safety. The MELAseal 200 tutorial shows you how to save sealing logs correctly.

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Tutorial #5

How to wrap instruments for sterilization in pouches

Correctly-wrapped instruments provides the basis of successful sterilization. Experience the packaging process for practice and clinic performed reliably by MELAseal 200 sealing device.

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Tutorial #6

Routine Checks of a Sealing Device

The safe operation of the sealing device is subject to routine checks. The MELAseal 200 tutorial shows you how to perform routine checks correctly using the peel test, seal check and the seal seam stability test.

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Tutorial #7

Test for Seal Seam Stability

The test for seal seam stability is a routine control for validation of packaging processes. In order to validate packaging processes and to evaluate the performance of MELAG sealing devices, we recommend the seal seam stability test as an annual routine check.

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