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MELAG Academy

Training, workshops and webinars about our products

Seeking to realize continual improvement to patient protection and instrument treatment, the last 60 years have seen us dedicate ourselves to the production of high-quality sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and other hygiene-related products and services for use in dental practices, outpatient surgeries and hospitals. The training which we provide to our international partners in a range of technical and marketing matters represents a key factor in our long-term international success. Our academy provides training in issues relating to instrument decontamination, service, maintenance and validation to over 1,000 staff members from our partners, operators of our products and hygiene experts per year. Our training facilities are equipped with state-of-the art technology, enabling us to provide hands-on seminars as part of a holistic program which also encompasses workshop visits, tours of the city and restaurant visits. Berlin provides the best location to learn!

New in our program: Our MELAG webinars provide interactive learning tools for our stockist partners.


Theory and practice

A large training room with two high-performance projectors and operating consoles provide the best facilities for theoretical training. Modern practice rooms with state-of-the art equipment provide the best environment for group talks and hands-on training. Having undergone a combination of solid theoretical instruction and practical work, graduates of the MELAG academy will be able to perform the necessary setup, commissioning and maintenance work with a range of MELAG products in a practice and clinic environment. Our expert and friendly training staff impart every detail of our products, enabling the participants to become experts in their own right.

Woman giving speech at MELAG Academy
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