Unident Union Dental Spa: Infection Control in Dentistry


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Unident Union Dental Spa

Unident Union Dental Spa


With the aligned devices of the MELAG System Solution, our patients and the entire team are perfectly protected.

Unident Union Dental Spa is a clinic in Wroclaw that specializes in implantology, orthodontics and aesthetic medicine. The clinic offers the entire spectrum of dental treatment for their patients. The modern interior design, which creates a unique ambience, has been awarded with a design prize. The team at Unident Union Dental Spa does not only attach great importance to a modern facility - the decontamination room is also equipped with the latest MELAG System Solution for time-saving workflows.

Safe and efficient processes for infection control

Investing in quality and innovation was our top-priority right from the start. We chose the MELAG System because we wanted smooth operation without interruptions in our decontamination room. Thanks to the aligned MELAG System Solution, sterilized instruments are available again in the shortest possible time. 

We particularly appreciate our MELAtherm. After automated reprocessing in the washer-disinfector, the instruments can be safely cleaned, disinfected and removed dry. This offers us great comfort and saves a lot of time. The instruments are sealed before sterilization, also time-optimzed, by using the MELAseal Pro rotary sealing device. We also attached importance to short cycle times when choosing the autoclave. Vacuklav 44 B+ Evolution enables us to sterilize large quantities of instruments in a very short time due to the patented double-jacket technology and intelligent drying DRYtelligence. The colour touch display of the autoclave makes for an intuitive operation as well as a traceable documentation and approval of the sterilization batch.

Time for treatment of our patients

In order to offer our patients the entire spectrum of dentistry with detailed advice and treatment, we must be able to rely on time-saving workflows. With the perfectly coordinated devices of the MELAG System Solution, our instruments can be reprocessed in the shortest possible time and the entire hygiene cycle runs safely and reliably. We save a lot of time and our patients and the entire team are perfectly protected against infections by means of dangerous pathogens.

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