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Doctor's assistant moves load of instruments into Cliniclave

SPREEDOCS in the Clinica Vita


The Cliniclave saves time and money.

The SPREEDOCS is a joint practice for anaesthetics and outpatient operations with two locations in Berlin. Working in our surgical centre Clinica Vita in Berlin- Wilmersdorf, we treat between 12 and 25 patients per day. The long experience of our 4-person team ofanaesthetists ensures that our patients feel well-treated at all times. We perform general, orthopaedic and plastic surgery.

Pioneer work for the new Cliniclave 45
We are proud of our status as one of the first units to use the Cliniclave 45. Of course, we were initially uncertain whether to purchase a device launched so recently. Every new device is accompanied by "teething troubles," but these could not be allowed to interrupt our practice routine. We are highly delighted that these doubts proved unfounded in terms of the Cliniclave 45. The constant availability of MELAG staff members to provide advice and support was a key factor in effecting this smooth transition.

Improved handling and more comfortable ergonomics
Two trained members of staff are responsible for instrument treatment. The decisive factor in our decision to acquire the Cliniclave 45 was its significantly optimized process run times in comparison to the MELAG large steam sterilizers of the type 25 previously put to use in our practice. In addition to the time-saved following this purchase, the larger load volumes (40 kg unwrapped or 35 kg wrapped instruments and 7 kg textiles) and the increases in labour effectiveness brought by the Cliniclave 45 also has a positive impact on practice routine. On average, we start the Cliniclave 45 six times a day; a number of work days involve starting up to ten cycles per day. The handling of the new device has also improved considerably. The loading and unloading of the large steam sterilizer with the loading system and the transport trolley guarantees ergonomic and safe working practices. Although initially unfamiliar, the new display and operating concept is so easy and intuitive that we required only a few applications to master the change-over; operation is now quick and easy and a pleasure. The additional functions of the Cliniclave 45 - especially the automatic deactivation - provide greater flexibility in the organization of our practice routine.

Our conclusion
Those looking for a quick and inexpensive large steam sterilizer providing a well-conceived device concept need look no further than the Cliniclave 45. Its operating times, loading volumes, loading and unloading, operation and additional functions enable the processing of a larger volume of instruments in a shorter time. This saves time and money.


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