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Sandnes Emergency Center


We need safe and fast sterilisation of instruments for emergency treatment - that is why we have chosen the Cliniclave 45 from MELAG.

Sandnes Emergency Center is a modern hospital that provides acute care and emergency preparedness – treatment of all types of sudden illness and injuries. The team of the emergency center ensures that patients receive immediate 24 hour medical help. To guarantee the highest hygiene standards Sandnes Emergency Center relies on the large steam sterilizer Cliniclave 45 for sterilizing all of their instruments.

How we sterilize fast, precisely and reliable
Treating 200 patients a day at peak times requires a safe and efficient instrument reprocessing, including perfect sterilization workflows. Therefore, we need products that we can rely on. Several colleagues recommended the Cliniclave 45 to us. Since the installation of the steam sterilizer, we can sterilize more instruments in one cycle and run significantly less cycles per day. The easy-to-use touch screen with the Norwegian language menu let us facilely operate the large MELAG autoclave, which is also a benefit when it comes to training new staff members. For us, it was important that our instruments are sterilized in accordance with regulations and all legally-binding standards and directives. The Cliniclave 45 enables us to sterilize our instruments in a completely safe manner.

Convinced by state-of-the-art technology and reliability
The concept of the Cliniclave 45 series convinced us with its fast operating times and smart features. Integrated functions such as energy-saving mode, and complete shutdown enable us to sterilize all instruments required in the clinic in one steam sterilizer. Easy documentation and batch approval via the display is a plus. For us it is important to fulfill future requirements already now. It is not a strict requirement yet, but we believe it makes sense to have a complete documentation of the process to ensure the best possible patient safety. Cliniclave 45 sterilizes our instruments even faster and provides excellent drying results. This saves us time and money every day. The ease of use and reliable sterilization ensures the health and safety of our patients and staff.

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