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Practice for Podiatry Vera Wille


The MELAG System Solution, individually tailored to my practice requirements, guarantees traceable processes and maximum patient safety.

Protection against infection and meticulous hygiene workflows are just as important in podiatric practices as it is in medical or dental facilities. In order to protect patients even better from infection with pathogens, Podiatrist Vera Wille has decided to use the MELAG System Solution including automatic cleaning and disinfection.

More patient safety in Podiatry practices - Vera Wille shows how easy it can be by using the MELAG System Solution for the entire hygiene process.
The foot specialist has been running her practice near Neubrandenburg for several years. Vera Wille earlier used to clean and disinfect the instruments for her treatments manually. "I love my MELAtherm. For years, I had been treating my instruments manually with ultrasonic baths and a disinfection tub for decontamination. It was a complete waste of time and instrument reprocessing with a washer-disinfector is much safer".

The Podiatrist is still very happy with her step into self-employment, although a family that "goes along with it" is needed, because 10 to 12 hour workdays are quite normal. But Vera Wille appreciates the freedom to run her business as she sees fit and she is always happy to watch patients leave her practice satisfied after treatment. Vera Wille also takes a clear approach to the hygiene workflow. Using the MELAG System means: only one contact person for all steps of instrument preparation, traceable processes, time savings and more safety for her patients.

My system solution is ideally suited to instrument decontamination in Podiatry.
In my Podiatry practice I treat an average of about 10 to 15 patients a day, using specific instruments. Together with MELAG consultants, I was able to clarify in advance whether MELAtherm 10 is suitable for my practice. The MELAtherm basket and accessory system is freely configurable so that everything has been optimally adapted to the individual needs. It could only get even better with one or two accessories that would have been specially developed for Podiatrists.

Before it comes to sterilization with the MELAG autoclave, I wrap individual instruments with my MELAseal 200 sealing device. It is very useful to decontaminate instrument sets with MELAstore arranged appropriately for the respective treatment. This method of working protects against stabbing injuries, because the instruments are firmly arranged in washing trays. With the MELAG system solution, I prepare the instruments legally compliant according to international standards. The fast program run times of the washer-disinfector and the autoclave ensure that my instruments are re-usable within the shortest possible time. Efficiency, easy handling and reliability of the reprocessing workflows are extremely important in daily practice.

Tailore made safe instrument reprocessing
Every day I am happy to offer my foot-patients the utmost care and, in addition, the best prevention of infection with pathogens. The MELAG System Solution individually tailored to my practice requirements, guarantees traceable processes and the highest level of patient safety.


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