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Oral Surgery Dr. H. Frey & Dr. C. Frey


The short process times and the good drying results of our Cliniclave 45 are highly convincing and bring considerable advantages.

Our oral surgical referral practice in Berlin Tempelhof was established 15 years ago. With three specialist dentists for oral surgery, our specialist focus rests on implantology and periodontology. We treat between 50-70 patients per day.

„Quality made in Germany“ is especially important
The implementation of the highest standards in practice routine requires the deployment of high-quality products. This is why we prefer to use products from German manufacturers. Needing to process the increasing quantities of instruments from a higher number of operations, we replaced two existing Class B small sterilizers with a large sterilizer. Prior to its market launch, the Cliniclave 45 was subject to a field test in our practice.

The overall concept is convincing
Responsibility for our instrument treating rotates between four trained members of staff. In addition to the load sizes, our decision to purchase the Cliniclave 45 rested on the good ergonomics, fast operating times and good drying performance which it provides. The loading procedure uses sterilization containers and trays for wrapped individual instruments. The need to load and unload large volumes of instruments can be very physically demanding. This is simplified by the loading system and transport trolley. This enables quick and almost effortless loading, unloading and transport of the batches. This brings considerable improvement to staff routine. At present, we sterilize an average of three and a maximum of four batches per treatment day using the Cliniclave 45. The Cliniclave 45 program run times are ideally adapted to quick and efficient practice processes: with a maximum load of 35 kg of wrapped instruments, the batch of 12 containers (see photo) processed in the Universal-Program is available (including drying) after only 40 minutes. The large load volumes and quick operating times make an important contribution to improving the energyefficiency of our practice.

Our conclusion
Although the touch-operation of the Cliniclave 45 could profitably be a little easier, and the overall sound volume could be reduced, the loading volume, short process times and the good drying results are highly convincing and bring considerable advantages in terms of ease of processing. We find the device concept highly convincing.

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