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MELAG Hygiene Partner Thonburi Dental Clinic


The MELAG Sysem with Cliniclave 45 D enables us to provide an efficient two-room concept ensuring outstanding patient protection and efficient workflows.

We awarded the Thonburi Dental Clinic Bangkok as a MELAG Hygiene Partner for excellence in instrument reprocessing and patient protection. The clinic is known to deploy innovative technology providing outstanding dental services relying on the integrated MELAG System Solution. The Thonburi Dental Clinic provides a wide range of high quality healthcare. The clinic has evolved to become a role model for improved provision of patient care in Thailand by implementing a reliable hygiene cycle.

A two-room concept for the decontamination room and the use of the MELAG System Solution ensure efficient workflows and maximum protection against recontamination. The Thonburi Dental Clinic equipped the decontamination room with two MELAtherm 10 performing automatic cleaning and disinfection. For safe and quick sealing of the instruments the clinic relies on MELAseal Pro. The clinic staff sterilizes the dental equipment using the large Cliniclave 45 D double-door steam sterilizer, the table-top sterilizer Vacuklav 43 B+ and the compact MELAquick 12+ for hand-pieces and turbines. Legally-compliant and user-friendly documentation of the entire instrument decontamination process is transacted by using MELAtrace - the software for load management, documentation and batch-approval.

The Thonburi Dental Clinic Bangkok established outstanding patient protection and a reliable hygiene cycle with the implementation of the integrated MELAG System Solution.

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