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Kinder Plus Zahnarzt


Economic benefits and best infection protection after introducing the integrated MELAG System Solution.

Kinder Plus Zahnarzt – two practices in one building. Dr. Christoph Hoberg’s company includes the large children’s dental practice with an impressive interior design and a practice for the treatment of adult patients. Kinder Plus Zahnarzt offers safe treatment for this two main target groups in a positive, relaxed atmosphere. The team successfully uses the MELAG System Solution in both practices.

A visit to the dentist as a special experience

The children’s dental practice impresses with spectacular interior design. Not only is the reception area built like the nose of an aircraft, the entire practice provides the imagination of an airport with airplane seats in the waiting area, graphic elements reminiscent of the iconographic guidance system of an airport. In the foyer, transparent surfaces designed as airplane windows provide an insight into the treatment rooms. The walls of each treatment room are painted with cheerful images. This takes away the children’s fear of visiting the dentist – instead, a positive experience remains in their minds.

A holistic system for efficient and safe patient care

When founding the practice, the offering stress- and pain-free dental treatment to young and adult patients has been in focus as well as fast, efficient and cost-effective orthodontics. A perfectly thought-out holistic concept systematically contributes to the achievement of these goals. Efficiency, safety and transparency form the cornerstones of the practicable system that works in all areas. This includes the entire spatial concept of the practice as well as the hygiene workflow – before, during and after patient treatment. In order to ensure safe infection protection for employees and patients, the highly qualified team relies on the modular concept of the MELAG System. The indiviually aligned system solution of innovative and proven devices for practice hygiene contribute massively to the protection of the patients and staff. The packaging system MELAstore plays an important role in optimizing the decontamination process.

5 questions for the entrepreneur and dentist Dr. Christoph Hoberg:

Dr. Hoberg, why did you decide to use the MELAG system solution?
We have had reliable steam sterilizers and sealing devices from MELAG for a long time and the older washer disinfector from Miele, which can no longer be validated, had to be replaced. The possibility of using MELAtrace as a software for load management, approval and documentation, which maps all devices and can also include DAC, led to the decision to use the system solution from MELAG including MELAtherm 10. In addition to legally compliant documentation, the reliable and time-saving decontamination of transmission instruments is particularly important to us.

How do you guarantee maximum safety despite maximum utilization?
We focus on high treatment quality and a good working atmosphere in order to make our patients’ stay in the practice as pleasant and free of fear as possible. The treatment of 150 - 200 patients per day requires perfect workflows. With the MELAG system solution for instrument reprocessing, we benefit from efficient processes, state-of-the-art technology and, as a result, the highest standards of hygiene. The individually tailored solutions for our practices with different target groups, enables us to reduce the amount of work involved in instrument reprocessing by at least 50 %. Since the conversion to MELAtherm 10 and MELAstore, we have saved a large number of instruments so that we could be able to equip another practice.

What role does the MELAG System play for your team in terms of safety?
Our decontamination process begins in the treatment room with one clean and one unclean drawer each, intended for the storage of instruments before and after treatment. Immediately after the use on the patient, the instruments are cleaned and stored in the unclean drawer in a MELAstore tray until they are removed for reprocessing in the washer disinfector MELAtherm 10 before they are packed in foils with the sealing device MELAseal and sterilized in a Vacuklav steam sterilizer. We store the sterile instrument trays in the cabinets provided for this purpose or in the clean drawers in the treatment room. The instrument set remains securely packed in the MELAstore tray during the entire workflow. The rubber strips ensure well-fixed instruments and non-slip, scratch-proof storage. The risk of injury is minimized and the value of the instruments is preserved. In order to prevent loading errors, screensavers on the monitors in our decontamination rooms show photos of loading samples.

Digitization in the decontamination room. How digitally do you reprocess instruments in your practice?
Closed documentation for full traceability of individual instruments with the help of adequate software is becoming increasingly important. This can actually only be achieved in combination with the use of a packaging system such as MELAstore. The entire reprocessing process is already digitally documented in a complete and extremely time-saving manner, for reliable traceability of the instruments back to the patient. With the MELAtrace software we document paperless, practically and legally compliant.

Your conclusion?
For us, the MELAG Systemsinnvoll means no compromises in instrument reprocessing! The system solution enables us to ensure a perfectly functioning, safe and economically reasonable hygiene cycle. The longevity and state-of-the-art technology of the products have enabled us to achieve our goals of fast, efficient and cost-effective treatment.

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