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Dermatology Practice Dr. Johanna Kubek


Instrument reprocessing with MELAtherm, MELAstore, MELAseal and Euroklav ensures satisfaction in our entire team - through fast processes and the best infection protection.

The dermatological specialist practice was founded in 1984 by my mother Dr. Maria Wereta-Kubek. Since 2005 we have been running both practice locations as a team.
The practice headquarters is located in the city centre of Hofgeismar. There we also have our central decontamination room. The second location is in Bad Karlshafen-Helmarshausen. Besides the treatment of acute and chronic skin diseases, we also offer laser therapies, allergological diagnostics and outpatient surgery.
A high standard of hygiene is absolutely important and self-evident for us.

Our standards are high.
In order to meet our high standards, we have decided to use the integrated MELAG System Solution. After we had previously used disposable instruments, we switched to a concept with our own decontamination room and the MELAG System for cost and quality reasons. For cleaning and disinfection, we use MELAtherm 10. The instruments are packed in MELAstore or sealed with MELAseal 100+ before the sterilization in the steam sterilizer Euroklav. Despite the high patient volume - about 70 patients per day, our team was able after a very short time to integrate the new instrument decontamination process easily into the practice workflows.

Especially the fast cycle times play an important role in ensuring efficient workflows. Our washer-disinfector MELAtherm 10 has an active drying and a space-saving drawer for the process agents. The cleaning results are very good: even with a dry storage of the instruments of up to 5 hours, the MELAtherm completely fulfills our demands on the cleaning result. The system concept is also reflected in the documentation of the entire reprocessing. The washer-disinfector and the autoclave have a uniform documentation interface. Via CF-card we can comfortably read out our reprocessing protocols and keep them available if required.

A good team at our side.
The instrument decontamination process with MELAtherm and Euroklav ensures satisfaction for the whole team. Everything was excellently planned and implemented by our specialist dealer KS Medizintechnik. Service work can be covered for all instruments in the decontamination room by a technician of KS Medizintechnik. We were also able to contact MELAG and KS Medizintechnik with our questions at any time during the subsequent support. We are convinced that the investment in the MELAG System has paid off for our practice.

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