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Dr Semira Zeni Dental Practice

Neustadt an der Aisch

Functionality and hygiene are important for patient wellbeing.

Our practice was founded in December 2009 as a classic individual treatment provider practice in Neustadt an der Aisch. After many years of assisting in various dental practices, I knew which concepts I wanted to take with me into self employment. This and the fact that the guidelines for practices issued by the Robert Koch Institute and the requirements imposed by quality management that requires continuous improvement were confirmations for me that I needed to buy good and reliable components in the field of hygiene too.

I received a great deal of support with the implementation of my project from my consultant at Pluradent. Well-thought-through practice planning supported by the warehouse’s in-house architects and their colleagues at Mann, responsible among other things for the furniture in the sterile area, have made the realisation of the structural and technical requirements for optimal treatment processes and the subsequent decontamimation of instruments very simple to this day.

We predominantly work in a conservative, surgical and periodontological manner. Patients are increasingly making use of prevention appointments. Over the course of a treatment day, a number of instruments accumulate that require significantly more care and attentive preparation to provide our patients with the quality we ourselves would want.

Instrument decontamination with a washer-disinfector saves us time and stress
At the IDS in 2013, we bought a MELAtherm 10 with active residual drying. The reasons for this decision simply are the quantity of instruments that require decontamination increases as the number of patients increases. The device works in a standardised manner. It is not necessary to check and extra time to determine whether the mixing ratio for the plunge reservoir is set correctly, and there are also no problems with stand time or a sense of panic amongst the staff when an infectious patient comes to the practice.

The clear inner chamber of the device which can be used in various different ways enables the device to be loaded by all specialists without any great difficulty. The various programs mean it can be used depending on the degree of contamination of the instruments. It should be noted in particular that the risk of injury is significantly lower than in the case of manually rinsing of the instruments and also that the staff who normally work on cleaning now have time for other things. Thanks to the active residual drying, there is no water residue on the cleaned instruments, preventing the need for subsequent drying before the final control under the magnifying glass, thereby facilitating the work greatly. The device also fits perfectly from an optic perspective into the uniform design of the sterile furniture and was able to be integrated into our existing program by means of the above mentioned optimal pre-planning using IT with no complications. It makes life much easier and more clearly structured for the practice team. Who wants to spend the entire day documenting information by hand on lists and archiving these in a laborious manner if this is possible at the click of a mouse or using a barcode within seconds.

Connecting the steam sterilizer to the network
In the practice, the Vacuklav 40-B was connected to our material and hygiene administration program by means of the network. The processes not only run significantly more easily and quickly, but also follow a pre-defined, understandable pattern. The hygiene cycle can be traced at any time using the barcodes on the sterile goods, as each individual sterile wrapped instrument such as containers and cassettes cannot only be recorded in this manner in the inventory, but a full history with the dates of preparation and use can be accessed for each sterile good. In this way the practice can comply with the regulations in an optimal manner at the same time keep our personnel costs for sterile goods preparation low. As a result, the dental specialists have significantly more time to look after the patients and concern themselves with their wellbeing.

Very simple operation thanks to the clear display
The Vacuklav 40-B can easily be operated by employees who have only been in the team for a short period or are new to the profession thanks to the clear display. There are no long training or explanation times. This results in smooth day-to-day work and guarantees a relaxed atmosphere within the team even when there is lots on.

In our practice, we have no regrets about the purchase of our devices. We only see the technicians at the services that we have done at regular intervals so we can count on our reliable helpers for many years to come.

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