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Dipl.-Med. Annette Müller, Gynaecology and Obstetrics


Reliability, efficieny, usability. We are convinced of our MELAG System Solution and the automatic instrument decontamination with MELAtherm.

In our practice for gynaecology, which was newly founded in 2012, we asked ourselves right from the start about the correct reprocessing of our instruments.

MELAtherm right at the beginning
Colleagues advised us to rely on automatic reprocessing by using a washer-disinfector right from the start. Although our practice with up to 20 patients per day was not yet working to full capacity, we noticed the workload reduction shortly after purchasing the MELAG washer-disinfector MELAtherm 10.

MELAtherm 10 provides great time savings in our practice procedures. We can release semi-critical instruments such as specula directly after the automatic instrument decontamination - after automatic cleaning, disinfection and drying - ready for use on the patient.

We were also convinced by the simple operation of not only the MELAtherm 10, but also the autoclave Vacuklav 30 B+. The interaction of the MELAG washer-disinfector and our MELAG autoclave ensures a great ease of work and time saving.

Choosing the MELAG System Solution was a good decision for us!

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