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Centrum Zdrowia Tuchów, Poland


The health and safety of our patients is our number one priority: Cliniclave 45 D was the best choice to meet our exacting requirements.

Efficient and safe standard-compliant instrument sterilization with the MELAG double-door large steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave series.

The installation of the Cliniclave 45 D in the Centrum Zdrowia Tuchów
Our central sterilized equipment supply department in Tuchów municipal hospital purchased the MELAG Cliniclave 45 D large steam sterilizer within the scope of a refurbishment programme. Polish health regulations (the General Recommendations 2017) require that hospitals ensure the strict separation of clean and unclean areas. Seeking to comply with this requirement, we decided to purchase a double-door steam sterilizer from the Cliniclave series. The wall mounting of the device was quick and easy; the loading side is accessible only from the unclean room, whilst the removal side is located in the clean room. The time between delivery and commissioning of the device amounted to between only three and four hours; the installation without connection to the supply lines required only one hour. Loading and unloading is performed highly ergonomically with a loading trolley, loading hook and batch slider. The large touch display on both sides of the Cliniclave and its intuitive user interface makes for highly safe and very easy operating.

Complete instrument sterilization with the MELAG large steam sterilizer

The convincing device concept of the Cliniclave 45 series with its fast operating times and intelligent solutions - integrated functions such as energy-saving mode, batch approval via the display, and automatic complete shutdown - enables us to process all the instruments required in the hospital whilst ensuring availability of all the required instruments with only a single large steam sterilizer. The MELAG large steam sterilizer provides first-class value for money: reliable sterilization and excellent drying results at speed. This saves time and money every day. The attractive design of the Cliniclave also streamlines perfectly with our modern hospital room design.

Complying with the requirements of all legally-binding standards and directives, the Cliniclave 45 D enables us to cover all the sterilization needs of our hospital in an entirely safe manner. The health and safety of our patients is our number one priority: the Cliniclave was the best choice to meet our exacting requirements.

Complete instrument sterilization in the hospital Centrum Zdrowia Tuchów with only a single Cliniclave 45 D

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