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AniCura Small Animal Specialists


Our patients and their owners have the highest priority.

With a total of 12 dedicated veterinarians and specialist veterinarians, AniCura Small Animal Specialists in Ravensburg have been providing advice to referring colleagues and animal owners for 5 years now. Customers trust in our medical care, which has been awarded the GVP certificate and Service Plus for cats. Since 2015 our clinic at Hochberg in Ravensburg has been part of the AniCura Group.

Our top priority is the service we offer to our patients and owners and the quality of medical care for small and pets. This includes, among other things, a high quality of veterinary equipment. Due to the rapidly growing number of minimally invasive operations with corresponding endoscopic accessories and the resulting increase in the number of instruments, we decided to purchase a new and larger autoclave. A larger autoclave makes our daily work easier and also allows us to work faster and more efficiently.

After a detailed market analysis, we decided on the MELAG Cliniclave 45. It first caught our eye because of the fast program run times and the high loading quantity. Our instruments come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but in the Cliniclave 45 they are all sterilized easily and reliably. This is independent of whether they are packed in sterilization bags or stored in the sterile container. The Cliniclave 45 also has integrated documentation and a CF card slot. We simply transfer the stored information to our PC and at the same time to the quality management software, thus maintaining the quality of the hygiene standard in this area at a very high level.

Operation via the touch display is simple and self-explanatory. These factors are very important, because the instrument decontamination process is operated by three veterinary assistants at the change of shift. Complicated operating or documentation processes could lead to inconsistent results and this must be avoided at all costs.

Another positive aspect that led us to purchase the Cliniclave 45 is the self-sufficient water supply. We no longer have to fill a steam sterilizer with distilled water, but only connect it to a tap water supply. The integrated water treatment system then takes care of the rest.

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