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Zhuhai Stomatological Hospital

"This setup with MELAG's renowned Vacuklav autoclaves allows for fastest instrument reprocessing according to our individual needs."

In July 2021, MELAG desktop steam sterilizers were installed in several batches in the Zhuhai Stomatological Hospital, the main public dental hospital of the city in China. The renovation project of the hospitals outpatient department is one of the regions key hospital projects, with a total investment of about 45 million yuan and an area of ​​6,400 square meters. The overall scale of the department has been expanded by more than 50% and now features 63 dental chairs
with an average of 500 patients daily.

The outpatient department was greatly optimized and upgraded to allow for more streamlined patient registration and treatment. It is stretched on seven floors, featuring departments for periodontology, endodontics, implantology, orthodontics as well as a children's dental center and a radiology department.

The hospital attaches great importance to the management of dental instrument infection control and serves as a regional model project that aims to fulfill the highest standards. With the help of Infection Control specialists of Guangzhou Yuanfu Trading Co, the reprocessing area was designed as the logistics center of the clinic. This so-called “Sterilization Supply Center” covers nearly 400 square meters and features a clear separation into a decontamination area, inspection and packaging area, and a sterile material storage area.

To allow quick access by all departments a unique location was chosen for the Sterilization Supply Center - in the very center of the clinic on the fourth floor.

Due to this layout, the room had to fulfill increased requirements, ensuring overall stability of the building. To reach a maximum of efficiency in this special location, the room was therefore equipped with 20 MELAG “Vacuklav” steam sterilizers, both Pro-Class Vacuklav 24B+ and the Premium-Class Vacuklav 44B+. This setup allows for the most flexible and fast sterilization workflow according to the individual needs of the departments and provide highest patient protection.