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Studio Balsano

"Our mission is the pursuit of clinical excellence and the belief in health as a precious asset to be preserved: Melag Careclave and Vacuclave 550 represent our technological choice to achieve this goal safely."

Our belief in health is a value that guides us with conviction in the pursuit of excellence: The MELAG System Solution offers the most advanced technology to achieve this goal. Studio Balsano is a modern dental practice with a strong focus on the overall health and well-being of the patient. The team relies on the advanced MELAG System for controlled decontamination of the instrument through safe and efficient workflows.

The hygiene of the instruments is our constant concern, in particular rotary instruments such as turbine and handpieces are highly critical tools for the possibility of transmitting infections and for the difficulty in being treated correctly without being damaged: Careclave has proved to be the most effective and economical choice avoiding expensive repairs due to “all in one cycle” (washing - lubrication – sterilization). The lubrication of dental handpieces heads is optimized through the Careclave spindle contributing to the maintenance, longevity and perfect performance of the instruments. During the Carebox cycle we use 1/2 din trays to exploit the entire sterilization chamber optimizing costs. 

The workflow in the sterilization room is our strength in the instrumental logistics cycle the choice of Vacuclave 550 proved to be a perfect solution, with its 50 liters of capacity, we process bulky loads after complex surgical therapies, and also in the routine workflow, being able to contain twice as much as a normal autoclave, we can reduce the number of cycles  by saving time and energy consumption.

Achieve maximum security by improving resource management. The use of an integrated system combines state-of-the-art technology with high quality and efficiencyensuring that the decontamination of the instrument is carried out in compliance with current regulations. The MELAG System implemented in our study combines computerization and technology: our two washer-disinfectors MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution are interconnected to the autoclaves via the computer network and managed by the Melatrace application. The unique cycle offered by the washer-disinfectors: cleaning, disinfection and drying of instruments in a 60-minute cycle help our team to carry out the work with time savings and safety. Our MELAseal Pro sealing device performs a reliable packaging process that complies with the relevant standards. The MELAtrace management program allows us to validate the washer-disinfector cycle as well as the autoclave sterilization cycles: the MELAtrace documentation and approval software records the traceability of the entire instrument decontamination process in an easy, safe and paperless way.

We constantly look forsolutions by sharing them in the team: dentists, hygienists, and practice management staff, through their specific training, contribute to technological choices to improve organizational efficiency and provide excellence in medical services to the patient. In addition to the prevention of cross-contamination, guaranteed to each patient of our practice and to our staff members, we optimize clinical procedures through written and
computerized protocols. To meet the growing demand for information from patients and to document the process in accordance with international standards.

In conclusion: MELAG has been our partner for many years, and we feel very well supported, it was an excellent decision to fully automate the process and rely on their gold standard technology