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Success Story

Prosthodontic Associates

"The MELAG System Solution streamlines our instrument decontamination process considerably."

Prosthodontic Associates in Melbourne. The trailblazer for highest-level instrument decontamination relies on the MELAG System. Prosthodontic Associates is a highly-skilled prosthodontic team in Australia, with a focus on reconstructive and implant dentistry. Located in the centre of Melbourne, the state-of-the-art dental clinic is tastefully furbished and equipped with cutting-edge technology.

A patient centred approach: Prosthodontic Associates primary focus is the overall oral health and wellbeing of the patient. Patient safety is of paramount importance. As such, having been extremely satisfied with the existing MELAG steam sterilizers, the clinic decided to extend the infection prevention concept with the integrated MELAG System Solution including software for documentation, load-management and batch-approval.

Streamlining our instrument decontamination process with the MELAG System
Without additional effort it is so easy to benefit from the use of the MELAG System. Our entire instrument decontamination process is more efficient and safe. The easy-to-use device interfaces and the fast cycle times of our MELAG steam sterilisers and washer-disinfector enable us
spending more time treating our patients.Our decontamination room is equipped with a fully validated integrated system solution: MELAtherm 10 for automatic cleaning and disinfection of our instruments. MELAtherm 10 provides the best possible protection against infection for patients and staff. We are highly satisfied with the cleaning and drying results. The rotary sealing
device MELAseal Pro provides superior sterility maintenance of all packaged reusable medical devices (RMD). Two Premium-Class MELAG steam sterilisers ensure safe sterilisation. The compact nature, reliability and ease of producing water for our two steam sterilisers and the
thermal disinfector via MELAdem has eliminated quality issues, handling and storing issues. MELAtrace, the software for documentation, load-management and batch-approval, accounts for all our regulatory document requirements in a highly secure manner. Our entire reprocessing workflow is carefully documented with MELAtrace. Each MELAG device is attached to the software and the protocol of the device cycle is integrated in one proof pdf document for the batch approval. Printed barcode labels facilitate traceability of the individual load elements.
The labels are subsequently scanned and added to the patient administration system.

The easiest and most reliable concept of infection protection
The MELAG system streamlines all instruments and equipment management via a fully validated and integrated system. This results in complete accountability and reproducibility in cleaning, packaging, sterilising, tracking and associated documentation. The integrated system reduces
manual handling, it provides tracability and accounts for all instruments at every stage of reprocessing and patient use. The recording of critical processes and parameters digitally has simplified the sterilization and clinical workflows.

With state-of-the-art technology the MELAG System produces safe and efficient reprocessing workflows. The integral solution of a single manufacturer helps us to save valuable time and provides peace of mind for the practice ensuring reliable infection prevention and control.