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Professor’s Dentistry in Ukraine

"We rely on the integrated MELAG system solution because patient safety starts with sterile instruments and first-rate hygiene standards."

Professor’s Dentistry is a dental clinic in Poltava, Ukraine owned by Professor Peter Skrypnikov, providing the entire range of stomatology for the whole family: dental surgery and general dentistry with a special focus in orthodontics, children’s dentistry and medication sleep dental treatment.  

We are the first only dentistry clinic in Ukraine where the entire integrated MELAG system solution has been presented. Safe and innovative patient treatment is our priority. We rely on a system provider with a long-standing expertise because patient safety starts with sterile
instruments and first-rate hygiene standards.

The integrated MELAG system solution in our clinic:
A reliable instrument decontamination process requires efficient workflows – for this reason we prefer to work with products from one single company. It is good to know that we just need one contact person if we might have requests. Our devices, the washer-disinfector MELAtherm 10, MELAseal 200 for packaging, the Evolution series Vacuklav 41 B+,
Vacuklav 44 B+ and MELAquick 12+ for sterilization are perfectly coordinated. MELAG steam sterilizers are long-standing top-quality products meeting our high performance requirements. We decided to use the washer-disinfector MELAtherm 10 for automatic cleaning and disinfection of our instruments. MELAtherm 10 provides the best possible
protection against infection for patients and staff members. We are highly pleased with the short cycle times of the MELAG washer-disinfector while the cleaning and drying results of MELAtherm 10 are convincing.

Our entire reprocessing workflow is carefully documented with the MELAG software MELAtrace. We also use this software for load management and batch approval. Each MELAG device is attached to MELAtrace and the protocol of the device cycle is integrated in one proof pdf document for the batch approval. With highest level technology we follow the highest European hygiene standards for the best patient protection. MELAG products help us to save valuable time with efficient reprocessing workflows and we love to spend more time caring for our patients.