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Policealna Warszawska Szkoła Medyczna

The prestigious PWSM school for medical professions in Warsaw uses MELAG's innovative solutions. The school offers comprehensive training for prospective healthcare professionals, including podiatrists, who receive thorough theoretical and practical training in a two-year program. A central focus of the theoretical training is on occupational health and safety in podiatry practice. This includes, in particular, the correct preparation of instruments, which is an indispensable part of the professional hygiene workflow in every practice.

The training aims to provide trainees with the necessary skills to make a maximum contribution to infection prevention later on in various facilities such as beauty salons, rehabilitation centers or diabetology clinics. Therefore, the 60 currently enrolled podiatry trainees are taught how to use the MELAG SteriHero Podo to familiarize them with the latest methods of instrument reprocessing.

In addition, the PWSM also offers comprehensive holistic training for dental hygienists, dental assistants and sterilization assistants. The use of MELAtherm10, SteriHero Podo 18 and the Vacuklav 44 B+ makes this training more practice-oriented and valuable. During their training, the trainees learn the entire hygiene workflow in the sterilization room, from the correct handling of instruments to correct sterilization and reprocessing. This enables them to meet the strict requirements for instrument reprocessing and thus ensure optimum patient protection.