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Success Story

MELAG Hygiene Partner Yamamoto Dental Clinic

"The MELAG System enables us to set the focus on our patient's well-being, satisfaction and safety."

MELAG awarded Yamamoto Dental Clinic for excellence in instrument reprocessing and patient protection. The dental clinic in Koda-cho, Japan is well-known for a strong focus on the patients well-being, satisfaction and safety. Organizing the sterilization room in order to achive highest results in instrument decontamination has been part of their mission.

Dr. Morimasa Yamato and his wife, a dental hygienist and clinic manager, implemented an ideal workflow using the MELAG System for the clinic's instrument reprocessing in co-operation with Dr. Kentaroh Nakamura of the Shurenkai study group.

A well-organized decontamination room and the use of the MELAG System Solution ensure safe instrument decontamination following highest international hygiene standards. The team of the Yamamoto Dental Clinic operate automatic cleaning and disinfection with MELAtherm 10. Automated decontamination provides a better infection protection because of outstanding cleaning results, and the risk for the staff to get injured is considerably minimized. The instruments are sealed with MELAseal 100+ in transparent packages. For the secure sterilization of dental instruments a MELAG Vacuklav 31 B+ steam sterilizer and the compact MELAquick 12+ for handpieces and turbines save valuable time with fast program cycles.

The Yamamoto Dental Clinic established a reliable hygiene cycle with full documentation and traceability of the entire instrument re-processing with the implementation of the integrated MELAG System Solution. The dental clinic provides a high expertise in hygiene and infection control.