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Success Story

MELAG Hygiene Partner Southpaws

"The MELAG system ensures high level infection prevention and the best protection for animals and humans."

We recently awarded Southpaws, a premier Specialty Surgery for Animals in Australia, located near Melbourne. Southpaws is one of Australia’s best veterinary referral hospitals with highest level care and the best hygiene standards in a professional and comforting environment for pets and owners. The clinic's excellence in instrument reprocessing ensures impeccable infection prevention for their clients and team.

The Speciality Surgery Clinic is headed by Dr. Charles Kuntz and Dr James Simcock, both surgeons are Registered Specialists of Small Animal Surgery. Their caring staff provide the very best in surgical, medical and cancer care for dogs and cats. The Southpaws team do everything to achieve great outcomes for pets and their owners. Not only in the field of human medical care a proper instrument decontamination workflow is essential for a reliable infection control. Avoiding infections with pathogenic organisms is a top priority in veterinary clinics, too.

Using the MELAG system at Southpaws ensures safe instrument reprocessing workflows following the highest international hygiene standards: MELAtherm 10 in combination with the water treatment unit MELAdem 53 for reliable automatic cleaning and disinfection of instruments, the large steam sterilizer Cliniclave 45 for efficient and safe sterilization of big amounts of surgical instruments and long instruments.

The Speciality Surgery Clinic for Animals provides high expertise in hygiene and infection control. We are happy to see the MELAG system solution used perfectly well at Southpaws.