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Success Story

MELAG Hygiene Partner Drs Wong & Partners

"Fast cycle times, the highest reliability, perfect service - for us the MELAG system solution provides us with pure confidence and comfort."

In August 2018 MELAG awarded the main dental centre of Drs Wong & Partners for excellence in instrument reprocessing and patient protection. The instrument decontamination room of the dental centre is equipped with the integrated MELAG system solution.

With over 50 clinics Drs Wong & Partners is the biggest dental clinic chain in Malaysia. The dental centre in Kuala Lumpur is the main clinic of the clinic chain and serves as a positive role model for all the other Drs Wong & Partners clinics with its high end technology equipment and forward-looking hygiene processes to put patient safety first. Every day from 100 to 120 patients are carefully treated regarding the full range of dental medicine. The dental centre's
speciality is to provide general dental treatment on the highest level heading to be stated as a leader in the dental field in Malaysia.

The use of the MELAG system ensures safe instrument reprocessing workflows following highest international hygiene standards. Drs Wong & Partners established a hygiene cycle without gap in their dental centre. For the autromatic cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments they use the washer disinfector MELAtherm 10. Instead of cleaning and disinfecting the instruments manually they decided to implement automatic cleaning and disinfection which provides a considerably better protection of infection because the team is not at risk to get injured as before. After a visual inspection, the instruments are sealed with MELAseal 100+ and get prepared for sterilization in the steam sterilizer Vacuklav 40 B+ Evolution. The compact steam sterilizer MELAquick 12 + helps saving time with fast and safe sterilization of handpieces and turbines. For load management, the documentation of the entire process and batch approval Drs Wong & Partner use the software MELAtrace. Standardization helps to avoid mistakes and enhances the instrument decontamination process to a maximum of effectivity quality and safety.

With the implementation of the integrated system solution Drs Wong & Partners established a reliable hygiene cycle with full documentaion and traceability of the entire instrument re-processing. The dental centre provides high expertise in hygiene and infection control. We are
quite happy to see the MELAG system solution so very well practiced by trained hygiene experts using our products properly to gain the highest effect of patient protection.