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Medical Dental Group Ukraine

"MELAG products provide our clinic with the best hygiene control and reliable instrument re-processing."

The opening of Medical Dental Group in June 2017 was the result of twenty years of experience of a large team of medical practitioners with thorough experience in world dentistry and in
attracting investment.

Medical Dental Group is able to offer you a number of innovations including:

  • Digital protocols for all kinds of treatments which provide 100% accuracy

  • Significantly reducing the length of treatment

  • Guaranteed long-term quality

We provide services in the fields of periodontology, therapy, surgery of the highest level of complexity, prosthetics, orthodontics and plasma therapy. Prevention is our priority, and
doctors-periodontologists work on the protocols of Berne University, which has proved to be effective in preventing a variety of possible dental problems. We have 11 treatment rooms, all equipped for any kind of treatment using the latest Sirona equipment. Our Leica dental
microscope offers the accuracy of endodontic treatment of dental canals to qualitative indicators of the level of microsurgery. Our clinic operates the latest dental technologies, we have our own computer digital diagnostic room and technical laboratory, which allows 2D, 3D-research to be done and accurate restoration work to be carried out in the shortest possible time.
Special attention goes to the sterilization cabinet, for which only reliable and proven sterilization devices are used. Our Ultrasonic washing device intended for small instruments, eliminates blood residues which are imperceptible to the human eye , contamination and other materials.

The washing and disinfecting machine MELAtherm 10 is capable of deactivating viruses (hepatitis B and C in particular), bacteria at rest, fungi and even their spores at the primary stage of instrument processing. After that, the instruments are placed in a universal steam autoclave Euroklav 23 VS+, which provides us with fast and effective sterilization. The device prevents the intervention of the human factor in the processing of instruments treatment and thereby avoids any malfunctions, since it is programmed to prevent the use of poor-quality water and incorrect selection of the program.

MELAG products provide our clinic with the best hygiene control and reliable instrument re-processing. Cleaning, lubrication and sterilization of non-separable dental instruments occurs in just 16 minutes with the combined autoclave Dac Universal. We provide the highest level of service and pride ourselves on having many English-speaking specialists. We will help to solve accommodation issues and airline reservations for foreign guests. In Medical Dental Group's
digital dental clinic, we offer the world-class medical care at favourable prices.