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Success Story

Fujimoto Dental Clinic

"We will continue to help protect the health of our team and patients as best we can through our workflows."

I am Shinji Fujimoto and director of the Fujimoto Dental Clinic in Yamaguchi, in the south of Japan. Together with my team, I specialize in preventive dentistry and aim to offer patients holistic care and support in maintaining their dental health. My patients can choose from a wide range of general dentistry and cosmetic procedures and treatments. Above all, individualized and personal contact with patients is essential in order to guarantee patient-oriented dental care.

This also includes transparent communication of effective infection protection and prevention in the practice: the latter is ensured by the MELAG system solutions, which meet the best possible safety standards by complying with the RKI guidelines. A designated sterilization room in our dental clinic ensures reliable infection control. The MELAG thermal disinfectors are indispensable for the reliable cleaning and disinfection of our surgical medical instruments. After this mechanical cleaning, the MELAG autoclaves of the Professional class and the MELAquick carry out the highly technologically progressive class B sterilization process, which offers the best possible protection against infection, especially for our critically B-classified surgical instruments. The integrated documentation also simplifies and assures everyday practice life, not only for our patients, but also for us as medical staff thanks to the user-friendly and bureaucracy-avoiding application.

As a result, the highly developed MELAG B-class autoclaves not only provide us with the best possible treatment safety, but also a good, trust-based relationship with our patients, who can rely on our individualized treatment. In addition, thanks to the MELAG products and the corresponding infection protection, we can respond more calmly and specifically to the diverse and different patient needs. And so, together with MELAG, we will continue to help ensure that our processes guarantee the health of our team and patients in the best way possible and thus future-proof.