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Success Story

Dental practice Kellerwald

"Simple, fast and reliable - the MELAG system with Careclave is the game changer in our sterilisation room."

At the beginning of 2023, I set up a combined general dental and oral surgery practice near Marburg. The well-known lack of dental care in rural areas made it necessary to offer basic dental care for all patients in addition to my oral surgery work. I realised my entrepreneurial dreams in a disused savings bank, which on the one hand offers me the opportunity to treat an average of 25 patients a day and up to 35 at peak times, but on the other hand also offers room for expansion.

Holger Anthes from Dension Dental was always a helpful and knowledgeable companion in setting up my practice, always with the aim of prioritising functional and ergonomic aspects and at the same time creating a feel-good atmosphere for patients and the team.

Coordinated systems are particularly important to me in order to realise the smoothest possible processes. Especially when it comes to instrument reprocessing, because here it is important to combine safety aspects, preserving the value of the instruments and saving time and labour.

The centrepiece of our system solution is the Careclave, which we use to disinfect, clean, care and even sterilise contra-angle handpieces and turbines after each patient, but which is also available to us as a "normal" autoclave for all instruments in between. The Careclave therefore enables us to perfectly protect our high-quality KaVo instruments from damage and wear and tear and at the same time dispense with additional care or sterilisation devices. This saves time and money!

In conjunction with the Careclave, we opted for the MELAtherm 10 Evolution washer-disinfector and the MELAseal200 sealing device. To protect against limescale stains (e.g. on mirrors) and corrosion, the Careclave and MELAtherm were connected to a water treatment unit. This also saves time, as the instruments do not have to be constantly polished. I see a further advantage in the simple operation and the integrated documentation. This allows me to reduce complexity and minimise bureaucracy in times of a shortage of skilled staff.

I am glad to have decided to become self-employed in rural areas and would like to encourage other colleagues to take the plunge "into the countryside" as well.