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Success Story

CMO Zanotto

"The MELAG System – one product line for the perfect hygiene cycle made in Germany."

Liberi di sorridere – For 30 years, Dr. Zanotto's dental clinic has been putting smiles on the faces of their patients. To achieve this, we offer an excellent service in both patient treatment and infection control. Our well-structured clinic workflow with more than 10 dentists and 5 operating rooms does not allow any compromises. That is why we rely on high quality MELAG products made in Germany for instrument reprocessing.

Thanks to the perfectly coordinated products of the MELAG System Solution, we save a lot of time and can follow our principle of sophisticated patient treatment. We decided for automatic cleaning and disinfection with MELAtherm 10 Evolution. The fast cycle times, the
reduction of our workload and better protection against injuries totally convinced us. The MELAG washer-disinfector not only offers intuitive operation with video tutorials for safe operation, but also with optimal cleaning and drying results.

Before we pack the instruments with the MELAseal Pro rotary sealer, we carry out the visual inspection and care for the instruments if necessary. Then we sterilise with one of our two class B autoclaves. The Vacuklav 40 B+ Evolution model inspires us every day with its speed and high loading capacity - whether individually wrapped instruments or sterilisation containers, the smart DRYtelligence guarantees our team optimal drying results in every cycle. This makes instrument reprocessing fun!

The MELAG system with innovative technologies guarantees perfect protection for our patients and our team alike. We are pleased to have MELAG as a partner who meets our high standards of technology and quality.