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Clinique Bellevue

"Reliability and perfection. Cliniclave 45 provides us with efficient processes and ensures the highest level of protection against infections for our patients."

Reliability and perfection. The MELAG system at Clinique Bellevue in Stavanger, Norway.

The plastic surgery clinic in Stavanger
Clinique Bellevue was founded by Dr. Ayman Zakaria in 2017 in order to be able to offer his patients a customised aesthetic medicine treatment. Dr. Zakaria has established a state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic near the city centre in Stavanger. The clinic fulfils the highest
quality standards with cutting-edge technical equipment and highly qualified professional staff. 
Perfection and reliability for the best patient protection: the MELAG system solution.
Maximum patient safety is an absolute priority for us. This is why we use the MELAG system solution in our decontamination room. Covering the entire process of instrument decontamination with equipment from only one manufacturer brings many benefits. We trust the MELAG brand because we have previously had excellent experiences with MELAG autoclaves. Our individual, well co-ordinated system solution is supported by two main
pillars: automatic cleaning and disinfection with MELAtherm 10 and safe sterilization with Cliniclave 45. 
MELAtherm 10
Automatic thermal cleaning and disinfection with a device especially developed for this purpose ensures maximum safety and simply perfect instrument decontamination. Reproducible processes, integrated documentation, always excellent cleaning and drying results prove that we have made the right choice with MELAtherm 10.  
Our sealing device MELAseal 100+ enables quick and reliable instrument packaging before sterilizing the instruments with Cliniclave 45. Our staff particularly value ergonomic and easy operation of the MELAG devices and the short cycle times. 
Cliniclave 45
is a reliable partner for sterilizing a large amount of surgical instruments every day. The state-of-the-art technology of the large steam sterilizer enables us to sterilize more instruments even more quickly and safely. Very quick programme run times, easy operation and
integrated documentation make this crucial part of the hygiene cycle extremely efficient. The smart drying system Drytelligence preserves our instruments and provides perfect results.  
Using MELAG systems offers safe and efficient working procedures with fast, reproducible processes and legally watertight documentation of the entire instrument reprocessing. We greatly look forward to the opportunity to invest the extra time we have gained in our patient
treatments. The MELAG System – perfectly optimised down to the tiniest detail, guarantees the best protection for our patients and our team.