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Clinica Veterinaria CMV

"Ensuring perfect hygiene workflows for a 24-hour veterinary service with the MELAG System."

The Clinica Veterinaria CMV is a modern veterinary clinic with a highly qualified team of different specialists in Italy providing intensive therapy with a 24-hour operating room and a
post-operative recovery suite. The constant availability of at least two veterinarians and a specialized surgical team enable efficient and adequate treatment for all patients at any time. The clinic sets the highest hygiene standards in reprocessing of veterinary instruments with
cutting-edge technology.

The primary focus of the clinic is set on providing a safe and caring treatment of their four-legged patients. Treating 60-80 patients per day requires smooth instrument decontamination workflows. To guarantee perfect hygiene processes the clinic relies on the MELAG System including cleaning and disinfection with the MELAtherm 10 and sterilization with Premium-Class steam sterilizers as well as the large steam sterilizer Cliniclave 45.

Providing professionalism and efficiency with the MELAG instrument decontamination workflows
We need reliable equipment and the safety of experience and competence to fulfill our project of empathy, professionalism and efficiency while respecting the uniqueness of needs. We want to grow to serve better and to achieve that goal we count on renewal processes, scientific innovations and updated tools. The MELAG System combines experience and
knowledge with innovation and newest technologies. Our benefit from using the MELAG System leads to more efficiency and reliability for the whole process of cleaning, sterilizing and storing our surgical equipment.

We equipped our decontamination room with the integrated MELAG System Solution: MELAtherm 10 for automatic cleaning and disinfection of instruments. The integrated active drying protects our instruments. Our Vacuklav steam sterilizers enable us to sterilize the instruments safe and in a record-breaking short time. We save valuable time thanks to the
high loading capacities in conjunction with quick sterilization times of the Cliniclave 45. The large colour-touch display allows intuitive operation, integrated documentation and batch approval, which facilitate a safe and traceable sterilization process.

Importance of the highest hygiene standards in veterinary clinics
Especially in veterinary clinics, it is of great importance to prevent nosocomial infections and antibiotic resistance to avoid re-infection of the animals. Featuring perfect hygiene workflows the MELAG System enables us to significantly reduce the risk of infections. With the MELAG devices we rely on a single manufacturer that provides highest infection prevention.