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MELAtest 60 conductivity sensor

MELAtest 60

Conductivity sensor

The quality of purchased feed water (aqua dem) fluctuates highly depending on the source of supply. The conductivity sensor, the MELAtest 60 is offered, so that quality can be checked at any time in the practice. In order to determine conductivity, the conductivity sensor is simply dipped into the water to be checked. After a brief time, the conductivity of the water is shown in the display.

Poor quality feed water (aqua dem) contains impurities, e.g. magnesium, calcium etc. so that already from a conductivity of about 30 µS/cm, colour changes or rust may appear on the instruments. We recommend the use of the calibration fluid (MELAG Art. No. 55845) to calibrate the MELAtest 60 regularly.

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